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Sort Out Your Lunch With Healthy Dabbas From HappyGrub Starting At INR 85

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If grocery shopping isn’t your priority in the city but you’d still like to eat healthy, get yourself a subscription of this dabba service we heard about.

Chow Down

If you’re shedding John Derek’s, Rick Ross’ or M.I.A’s motto of ‘live fast, die young’ for a healthier lifestyle, this recommendation is for you. HappyGrub is a dabba service in the city serving healthy, Jain and even diabetic meals in the city. Backed by a nutritionist, their meals start at INR 85 and go up to INR 125 per meal. You can choose from an eco meal {INR 2,230 onward}, mini meal {INR 2,590 onward} or an executive meal {INR 2,950 onward} for a month. They use a combination of whole grains, protein, fibre, and probiotics without compromising on taste. You can order an all-vegetarian lunch, dinner or both from HappyGrub. You can try ordering their 3-day plan which will give you an idea of the variety and taste. you can order it online here. Meat eaters, look elsewhere.

So, We're Saying...

If you hate the stops at the grocery store or can’t afford to have a cook come to your place due to cost or timings, this is a great option for those who’d like to start eating healthy.