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Toast And Tonic: Amazing European Restaurant One Should Look Out For

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What Makes It Awesome?

One of the finest European Restaurants you will find is Toast and Tonic right at BkC. The elegant decor with comfortable seating will make you go Ga-Ga. The Christmas Themed decoration was fabulous. What we loved was the beautiful bar Section out there. They serve you with a variety of drinks out there. The interiors were fully European Themed with paintings, wall arts, lighting.

I was amazed at the service we received was tremendous. Prompt service along with Lavish Food will make your day out here. I had a good suggestion from the staff regarding tasty dishes.

What did we order?
Diablo:- A gin Based refreshing Cocktail for you to make your day. It comes along with red chilly ice and Leaf with a spicy taste. Go-to drink here.

Corn Custard:- This is the dish one should try out for. The corn custard comes with preparation of corn and cheese-based balls with a beautiful presentation of coriander in it. The taste was crunchy and enormous.

Korean Fried Chicken:-

For all nonveg lovers, This is a must-try starter the Korean Fried Spicy Chicken. It comes with elegant preparation of chicken pieces along with heavy quantity. The juicy pieces of chicken and spicy taste in it is the perfect combo one could ask for. The presentation was beautiful. Go for it.

Main course:-
Dan Dan Noodles:-
Go for some of European favourite Dan dan noodles. These noodles won't disappoint you at all. The taste is on a bit sweeter side and it's lovely. It comes along with garlic and gravy along with it. It was damn great.

Rissoto Rice with Asparagus mushrooms:-

One of the unique European mains to try out for. Thoroughly enjoyed this dish. It comes with the Preparation of mushrooms along with Rissotto combination. The taste was pretty terrific. The presentation of this was wonderful. Go for this dish for some great food experience.


They have various unique types of European Dessert. The ones which we tried was

T&T Tres Leches:-

The preparation was marvellous. Comes along with cheesecake and Leches. The yellow-coloured cream is what makes this dish wonderful. I loved the taste. Go for it.

Sour cherry and white chocolate Parfait:-
Well, this is the dessert I would love to recommend to all. Why? The presentation of it was extraordinary. It comes with Cherry Sour having small pieces with a coconut powder with Chocolate cream with it. The taste was ecstatic. A must-try dessert.

Overall I would suggest all to try out this place as it had cosy comfortable seating, packed weekends. Come along with your friends, family for a gastronomic experience.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing to complained about.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000