Bow Wow! Dog Lovers, Head To These Places For Your Dose Of Unconditional Love

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If you're a pet parent in Mumbai, at some point you have been to places where your pet wasn't allowed, and even if it were, it would have to sit in a corner and watch you eat while it chewed on the chew stick you got for it. However, we come with good news and a list of the top dog petting centers and dog cafes in Mumbai where you can visit, chill (eat some food maybe) and play with your four-legged friends too! Ruff it up, peeps!

P.S: While you're at it, check out these pawsome pet shops in the city for the best treats and products.

Pawfect Life, Marol

This one's a pet-sitting and kennel-free day care center in Marol and if you're someone who loves doggos but hasn't become a pet parent yet, this place is for you. The visiting hours are from 12pm to 5pm, on all days, however, no feeding or taking them on walks is allowed. They also have a pet activity café where a variety of fun activities are planned for the dogs. Pawfect also engages in animal counselling, spa and grooming for your poochies! 

Shell Out: INR 200 per hour (approximately)

Cafe Pefe, Andheri

Tired with the ‘pets not allowed’ policy in most of the restaurant, Café Pefe came up with the idea of creating an accepting and beautiful place for you and your pooch to dine at. Be it a dinner, lunch or a party celebration, Café Pefe provides a perfect venue for you and your pets to have fun and interact with others in a safe, hygienic and friendly environment. Their delectable menu has been curated with some great ingredients and also offers a variety of cuisines. Try their Italy national soup and 'Cat’atouille  which is made with grilled pesto cottage cheese and spinach in ratatouille sauce. 

Shell Out: INR 800 for two

P.S: They also have a delicious menu for your junior friends to lap up, don't forget to check that out. Make sure your pet tries their special cookies and gravy! 

Fetch, Versova

Don't leave your pooch at home anymore when you can have a fabulous date with them at Fetch in Versova. This pet-friendly cafe, designed to perfection, radiates pure joy and love through its colorful vibe. Meet other dog moms and dads, or arrange a playdate for your puppers. They also have a special dog menu with Mutt Mojitos, Mushy Bark-A-Rita, Fresh Pawtisserie Bakes, Pink Puppychino and more. Only if your dog could read, it would drool right now!

Shell Out: INR 600 for two 


While you're at it, check out Doolally Taproom outlets across Mumbai, The Bagel Shop in Bandra and Cat Cafe Studio and Leaping Windows Cafe in Andheri which are all pet-friendly cafes where you can take your pets and everyone can have a gala time!