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We Discovered This Hard-To-Get Parsi Cream Cheese & Here's Why You Need To Have It

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What Is It?

If you’ve enjoyed some cream cheese, you’re sure to find this exceptional dairy product delicious. Drained in specially-made cane baskets, these flattish balls are kept in whey and have to be stored very carefully, lest they split and break. Having had it once in my life so far, it is safe to say that creating it is an art in itself – extremely delicate {floating in whey}, the flavours hit home {salty to taste}; it’s the perfect cross between a jelly and cream cheese. It’s not a dish that’s well-known outside the community since there are very few who actually make it.

Cheesy Does It

Delna Tamboly is one such person who makes her own Topli paneer and has been making it for the past 12 years. She makes it with buffalo milk and the process takes up to five to six hours with constant monitoring. Selling it at INR 30 a piece, she sells it from the comfort of her home.

When we spoke to her, she mentioned that she’d learnt this technique from her mother-in-law, who had actually learnt it from a kind old lady many years ago. Her mother-in-law started making them for her family because she loved eating it and the family appreciated it equally. Delna then picked it up as a hobby initially, and since then, there has been no looking back.

So, We’re Saying…

While it’s hard to come by, this wobbly delicacy is truly something you should experience at least once. Have it as an appetizer or as a quick snack, it really doesn’t need an accompaniment.

You can place an order from Delna Tamboly at +919820660994. Make sure you give her prior notice of two days to make it.