Have You Tried Each One Of The Ten Kinds Of Maggi At Koolar & Co?

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Love Maggi in every possible variant? Head to Koolar & Co in Matunga East and gorge on their delicious Maggi preparations apart from their awesome bun-maska, keema pav and Irani chai.

Chow Down

We’ve been fans of Koolar for as long as we can remember. Their deliciously tasty Irani chai and bun-maska combination is just the right amount of goodness the soul needs. We also love their super tasty keema-pav, which most patrons are fans of. But of late – and despite knowing about this for a while – we’ve been gorging on their super amazing Maggi menu which has our favourite noodles cooked up in 10 different ways. Yep, imagine these two-minute, utterly delicious noodles made even better? Hard to resist, we say!

Go here for their superb Maggi noodles in masala and cheese {INR 150}, Maggi noodles with egg {INR 120}, and their divine Maggi noodles with chicken {INR 150} or with chicken and cheese {INR 180}. Each of these variants possesses a unique taste, and our stomachs were definitely really happy upon consuming practically all of them. Don’t forget to have your Irani chai as a constant companion as you chow down on these yummies. If you’re greedy like us, then feel free to stuff yourselves with their other best-selling items too.

So, We're Saying...

No, we’re not saying that you bid adieu to any of your other favourites and more popular dishes from Koolar, we’re just saying that you give these a shot too because if you truly love Maggi, then you’ve got to have these.