We May Just Have Found The Yummiest Waffles In Mumbai At This New Waffle Bar

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What’s better than a bar full of alcohol? A bar full of waffles, and that’s what has opened up right here in Bandra. Interested?

Waffles, Waffles Everywhere

Remember The Waffle Truck that once roamed the streets of SoBo? That truck has now grown up, settled up and reopened as a permanent brick-and-mortar space by the name of The Waffle Bar.

The eatery occupies a comfortable spot in the lane that the drunk and hungry often go to – opposite Mini Punjab’s {which is back in action, by the way} and Breadkraft, and right next to Eddies Bistro as well. We tucked into the semi-bare eatery with bar stools and corner slab tables one evening, and began the waffle test.

They didn’t {thank god for that} have bubble waffles, but your classic Belgian waffle with fourteen options to indulge in. We tried, we regret to say, five of those fourteen.The red velvet, the adventures of nutella, the Ferrero bomb, dark explosion and charcoal. Each came with its own filling, chocolate sauce and in the case of red velvet waffles, a dollop of cream cheese.

The winner was the charcoal one, despite all the slack the food trend received over the past year. With a delicious white chocolate filling, chocolate nuts and just the right amount of creamy sweetness, we recommend this highly.

So, We're Saying...

When you’re done with a hectic day and need a lift-me-up, The Waffle Bar will be there waiting for you.

They’re priced between INR 140–170. Want some sugar {read: extras} on top? That’ll be a lil more.