The Bubble Waffles At This New Dessert Parlour Are What Childhood Dreams Are Made Of

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Head over to Wowfillss, a new waffles joint in Lower Parel serving delicious bubble waffles and more.

More Sweets, Please

Like all good and trusted people in the world, our day is a little better when you mention the word ‘waffle’. When we eat one, our day gets better with each bite. That’s why when we convey the news of a new waffle joint to you, it is with all the best interest, so listen up.

In the line of small eateries outside High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel is a new place called Wowfillss. What’s on the menu? They make Belgian waffles that come in a sandwich style, with a layer or filling between them. They have flavours such as banana salted caramel waffle, day and night waffles, strawberry cream cheese waffles, among many others. These waffles start at INR 100 a piece for a plain maple butter waffle.

They even make bubble waffles {which basically looks like a bubble wrap version of a waffle} and is spongy to eat. You can accompany your dessert with a milkshake or an iced tea as well.

So, We're Saying...

Let all ye waffle-loving friends know, and use it as an excuse to make a plan. Happy eating to you.