The World's First Chikoo Winery Is Just 3 Hours Away From Mumbai!

Hill Zill Resort

Thane Area, Mumbai

What Makes It Awesome

Fruzzante is a unique winery located in Dahanu. Run by a family of farmers, they have come up with world’s first chikoo wine. Yup. You heard that right. Called Fruzzante, the concoction is exclusively produced by them using the renowned Dahanu-Gholvad Chikoo. The wine can be tasted at the winery itself, ordered from a local wine shop or at The Hill Zill Resort at Bordi.

The wine is a unique blend and let us tell you, it’s also one of the tastiest wines we’ve tasted.  Priced at
INR 255, you can easily order it from a local wine shop. And for those of you who want to taste it surrounded by nature, say hello to Hill Zill Resort, located right besides the winery where Fruzzante is manufactured.

Where Is It?

Located in Bordi in Dahanu, the resort is a train ride away from the city. A direct train leaves from the city.

What's Unique About It?

The resort boasts of a spacious garden restaurant and bar with a fabulous view of the hills. They serve Indian and oriental cuisine coupled with local seafood delicacies. Did we tell you that Bordi beach is very near to the resort? So, please pack your swimsuits.

So, We're Saying...

Looking to escape the city, one more time? Then go on, book that room and earn yourself a right to swill chikoo wine while admiring nature.

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Hill Zill Resort

Thane Area, Mumbai