Spice, Spice Baby: 5 Andhra Restaurants You've Got To Try In Pune


    Andhra food is a highly under-appreciated cuisine in Pune. Be it vegetarian or meaty fare, those fiery flavour combinations are enough to have you hooked after the first bite! Though it’s hard to find a good Andhra-specialty restaurant, we’ve rounded up 5 places for you to eat belly-filling Andra food in Pune. Make sure you check out the spiciest dish served at each eatery!

    Hotel Andhra Mess

    Located in Yerwada, this tiny little eatery is a go-to for many hungry office-goers and foodies. Serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Andhra fare, as well as North Indian and Chinese food – we suggest you skip the rest and go straight for their Andhra thali. Available in veg, chicken, fish, and mutton – we hear it’s simple but good. An unlimited veg thali will only cost you INR 100 – which we think is one steal of a deal for lunch. Don’t expect fancy frills from this diamond-in-the-rough, just go for your meal with an open mind, and an empty belly! Hotel Andhra Mess is located near IBM in Yerwada, opposite the Business Bay. For a fiery feast, try their full Andhra thali in chicken/mutton!

    Hema's Andhra Brahmin Meal

    In a little unconventional {i.e. not a restaurant}, but no less exciting manner – sign up for a traditional Andhra Brahmin meal at Hema’s house in Koregaon Park, via Authenticook. Every recipe has a story, and home-chef Hema narrates them beautifully through her cooking. Reservations can be made on request, for a minumum of 3 and maximum 6 diners, at around INR 750 per head.

    On the menu are Andhra delicacies like ‘Bobbarlu wada’ {made from black-eyed beans, deep fried} with kobari {coconut} chutney; Perugu Garulu – aka the Andhra version of dahi vada; Vankaya koora – a brinjal curry flavoured with coriander and ginger; Gongura paripu – an Andhra-style ‘khatta bhaji’ red sorrel dal {made with leaves and pulses}. Enjoy Dosakaya Pachidi {cucumber chutney}, appadum {poppadum}, and dahi with your meal, and end it with a traditional sweet serving of Semiya Payasam.

    We hear the chutneys {cucumber, peanut, red bell pepper, or coriander} are home-made and add a real hit of spice to the meal, so ask Hema for them in advance. Hungry already? Book a meal at Hema’s, here.

    Ancient Andhra

    Ancient Andhra

    Available Online

    Ancient Andhra in Hinjewadi is an exclusive takeaway and delivery-only eatery that serves regional Andhra cuisine. On their menu are three variations of the Andhra thali, an extensive list of tempting traditional Andhra sweets and delicacies, and a short-list of à la carte dishes {mostly, non-veg mains}. They’ve recently added some North Indian and Chinese items to their menu too, but we suggest you ignore these and dive right into their Andhra specialities. Ancient Andhra’s thalis seem to be their most popular option, owing to the variety of food and pocket-friendly pricing. Each of their three combo-thalis is available in veg and non-veg {chicken/mutton}. They also offer catering for private events. We hear their mutton curry is super-spicy and definitely worth a try.

    Hotel Reddy

    Hotel Reddy in Kharadi is *the* place to go-to for spicy Andhra-style dum biryani. A no-frills eatery, their menu is all about biryani {served by the plate, or by the kilo}, with only two veg options {veg thali, and veg biryani}, and an additional side of ‘chicken fry’. Service here is quick, portions are generous {one plate of biryani can easily feed two people}, and the taste is authentic. Biryanis are served with a side of rassa, and vegetable raita. We’ve heard good things about their chicken dum biryani, but if you want to switch it up, try their ‘chicken fry’ biryani. Popular with Kharadi residents, Hotel Reddy is busy at meal-times, but they offer take-away as well. We’ve heard good things about their chicken dum biryani, but if you want to switch it up, their ‘chicken fry’ biryani is hot enough to light your fire!

    Savya Rasa

    Savya Rasa

    Koregaon Park, Pune

    Though Savya Rasa isn’t a dedicated Andhra eatery, it shines a light on regional cuisine in South India and makes it to this list because of its authenticity. We love their Nellore specialities like the Chanaga Pappu Vada {fried lentil patties}, spicy Royyala Igguru prawns, Chepala Pulusu {seer fish curry}, Perugu Poori {a deep-fried bread made of rice flour and yogurt}, and Kobbari Louz {a sweet dish made with coconut, ghee, jaggery, and cardamom, topped with cashews and raisins}. We’ve tried and tested each of these dishes at Savya Rasa, and wholeheartedly recommend that you do the same – they’re consistently delicious! If you can only try one dish, spice up your meal with our personal favourite – the fiery Royyala Igguru prawns.