Sip On The Wonderfully Customized Artisan Coffee From This Brand!

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WiCoPo is and abbreviation of Wild Coffee in a Pot. I am a die-hard fan of coffee and it runs in my veins.. Just kidding
WiCoPo has a variety of coffee which you can select according to your preference. You can customise it by selecting the roast type (light/medium/medium-dark) and you can also choose how you want your beans to be. Whether you want whole beans, fine grind, medium grind or coarse. Totally your choice.

I tried their 100% Pure Arabica Coffee - Fine grind
The aroma of that freshly roasted coffee will surely activate your senses. I totally loved it.

Wild Coffee in a Pot is an entrepreneurial venture by 3rd generation coffee planters Prasanna and Anthi, who left their Hollywood jobs and returned to India to continue the family tradition of farming.