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Sip On The Wonderfully Customized Artisan Coffee From This Brand!

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    WiCoPo is and abbreviation of Wild Coffee in a Pot. I am a die-hard fan of coffee and it runs in my veins.. Just kidding
    WiCoPo has a variety of coffee which you can select according to your preference. You can customise it by selecting the roast type (light/medium/medium-dark) and you can also choose how you want your beans to be. Whether you want whole beans, fine grind, medium grind or coarse. Totally your choice.

    I tried their 100% Pure Arabica Coffee - Fine grind
    The aroma of that freshly roasted coffee will surely activate your senses. I totally loved it.

    Wild Coffee in a Pot is an entrepreneurial venture by 3rd generation coffee planters Prasanna and Anthi, who left their Hollywood jobs and returned to India to continue the family tradition of farming.
      Available Online