Chocolate To Pani Puri: These Paan Shops Have The Quirkiest Flavours To Try

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What can be better than a paan to end your meal with? The juicy betel leaf with copious arrays of ingredients, all mixed to give you the ideal desi end to your meal. As times have changed, paan has also got several flavours and variations. Chocolate paan, fire paan being one of the most common ones around. We bring you a list of paan shops, which have fusion of flavours beyond imagination and expectation.


In the buzzling lanes of Bajirao road, this small shop has been there for decades. Serving various types of paan, they are always topped generously with loads of sweet, colourful coconut strands and choco chips. The betel leaves used are very fresh, cool and crispy, with bountiful filling of equally firm ingredients. The katri supari, gulkand, coconut, chuna, fennel seeds and other add ons are very well fetched and the paan is prepared graciously. With more than a dozen varieties to choose from, each paan can cost you as cheap as INR 30.


This paan store at Nal Stop has more than 20 paans to choose from. The first to bring in the concept of fire paan to the city, it is a must try. We recommend you to have their ice paan, and the combination of strawberry and black current. For chocolate lovers, their roasted almond chocolate paan is a treat. For coffee lovers they have the special Irish cream paan with a generous amount of coffee flavour. The cost comes around INR 30 and above.


A little difficult to locate, this paanwala is based right next to hotel Roopali on F.C.Road since a decade. He has set up his small little stall on a decent sized table, where you’ll always find him washing the fresh green, soft betel leaves, filling them and dipping them in hot chocolate before adding the sweet, toffee cherry on the top. Each costing about INR 20, all the paans are neatly arranged according to their flavour. He has been selling 8 types of paans, mainly sweet with coconut while some with tobacco. If you want to add sweetness, just help yourself with the sugar syrup kept on the side.

The Betel Leaf

You can find over 30 types of paans at this shop in Kothrud. It includes 10 kinds of just milk, white and dark chocolate. They have coffee and caramel flavours too, with their typical Indian flavours of gulkand and pani puri! They have all such quirky, bizarre combinations which will sort your dessert plans. The price can be about INR 30.