Deep Trenches, Secret Tunnels & Wall Mazes: The Trek To This Fort Is Not An Easy One

    What Is It?

    Located about 17 kilometres from Aurangabad in the ancient city of Devagiri, Daulatabad Fort is a majestic architectural beauty, built atop a conical hill.

    How Do I Get There?

    Aurangabad is about five hours from Pune and we recommend you plan the trek during a long weekend to make a fun road trip out of it. If you’re driving, take the Pune – Ahmednagar highway via Malegaon. From there, follow this route towards Daulatabad Fort, which will be not more than half an hour away.

    What's So Unique About It?

    A summer trek to Daulatabad is quite arduous and definitely not for the faint-hearted. The fort is built on a hill about 200 metres high and we hear, there are about 53 entrances to the fort, out of which only seven lead to the top.

    What makes Daulatabad unique is its architectural planning meant to confuse the enemies. Naturally, one should expect series of steep stairways, tall strong walls, bastions, complex entryways, spiked gates and false doors inside the fort.

    There’s a deep, wide moat that separates the fort from the outer walls. We hear a narrow bridge has been recently constructed that allows tourists to cross the trench. However, here’s where it really gets exciting. After the moat lies a series of stone-wall mazes that eventually lead to abruptly cut steps to reach higher levels of the fort.

    The topmost portion of Daulatabad Fort comprises a gorgeous palace of the king, a secret escape tunnel and a huge cannon. The best part is the breathtaking panoramic view of Devagiri.

    Don't Leave Home Without...

    Bottles of water, sunscreen, snacks and pair of sunglasses.