Hate Running Errands? Here's How You Can Get Them Done For Free

    Divya posted on 02 February


    Have you ever had to double-back home on your way to work because you forgot something? Or had to travel half-way across town to return a book to your friend? Let your laundry pile up so you’d have to make only one trip to the dry-cleaners? Too busy to hit up the grocery store for supplies? We’ve found the perfect solution for all of the above!


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    We recently came across Dunzo – a hyperlocal concierge app that encourages you to create a list of ‘tasks’, which it then carries out and completes for you within 24 hours. If you need to buy pet supplies, groceries, gifts, medicines, stationery, deliver food; or pick up and drop your keys, lunch box, laundry, courier, charger, packages, etc. Dunzo can get it done for you. We tried out the app ourselves and found their live-tracking of the tasks and real-time chat with their team members to be extremely helpful. Founded in Bangalore in 2015, Dunzo recently launched in Pune – and is offering FREE delivery until further notice. Yes, you read that right! Their regular charges start at INR 20 (up to 3km) with an additional INR 10/km for further distance.

    So, We're Saying...

    Dunzo is available for both iOS and Android, and currently operational in Pune and Bangalore only, so make the most of it!


    They give away lots of freebies {from a PS4 Pro or Amazon Echo, to freshly baked cupcakes or a Snickers bar, for example} through contests on their app, so keep an eye on their Facebook Page and you could win some fabulous goodies!

    Dunzo is giving away 2-day General Access Weekend passes for VH1 Supersonic to 5 lucky winners, between the 1st and 5th of Feb 2018! Find all the details and info here.

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