Hate Going To The Fish Market? 5 Home-Delivery Seafood Services You Can Trust

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Love to cook and eat fish, but can’t stand the idea of visiting a fish market? We know that feeling! And, as always, we have a solution. Check out our list of places in Pune that will deliver seafood to your doorstep in no time.


When it comes to seafood, Pune-based delivery joint Fishvish is highly recommended. From fresh river catch to ocean fish and shellfish, they deliver it all. What’s more? They also have Kolkata bhetki, rohu and katla and which are quite rare to find in the city. Prices range between INR 129 and INR 1,260, depending on the rarity of the meat. For instance, an Atlantic salmon or a rock lobster will definitely cost you more than tilapia or prawns. To lazy to cook? Check out the mouthwatering, easy-to-make options under ‘Heat & Eat category‘. Priced at INR 249, we are a big fan of the Fishvish fettucine alfredo with shrimp.

Fish Fanatics


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Seafood can be tad bit expensive. However, at Fish Fanatics you can get it at pocket-friendly prices. The fish will be delivered to your doorstep, cut and cleaned. All you have to do is just wash them once, marinate and cook. In terms of your choices, we recommend check out their bestsellers that include large-size prawns for INR 750, surmai (whole) for INR 750 and rare silver pomfret for INR 1,200.

Meat Root

Budget-friendly and extremely efficient, Meat Root delivers fresh and exotic seafood, all across Pune within 90 minutes sans delivery cost. Starting at INR 300, this place has everything from mud crabs to blushing prawns, sardines, bangada and more. If you’re not a fish person, we highly recommend you check out their collection of other meat. You can find turkey breast, pekin duck and pork belly cuts out here.

Easy Meat

Easy Meat is a common household name when it comes to fast seafood delivery service. While they have vast collection of fresh water and ocean fish, we have always been a fan of their XL-size prawns for INR 800 and fish eggs for INR 220. You must-try their Vietnamese basa



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A Bengaluru-based meat delivery portal, Licious is becoming a known  brand amongst all kinds of meet lovers. They have clean and perfectly cut pieces that you can trust when it comes to fish. The best part is that they offer special discounts on their first orders. You also get a special apron on your first order! The prices over here start at INR 300 and they add a nominal delivery charge to the product.