Dessert On Flames: Tried The Brandy-Flavoured Flambè Gulab Jamun At The Texax Tower Yet?

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It’s no surprise that flambe is a cooking technique with alcohol, that creates a burst of flames without burning the dish! Now what happens when it meets the beloved Indian sweet dish, gulab jamun? At the Texas Tower in Kharadi, the combination is listed under one of the deadliest desserts you will try!

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Say hi to flambè gulab jamun! Priced at INR 225, this culinary masterpiece is made of brandy {which creates the flames}, ice cream and sizzling brownie. If you love alcoholic desserts, this is a must-try. The dish is very light on the palate, however, if you’re not a big fan of brandy, we would recommend you try their gulab jamun with brownie.

So, We're Saying...

It’s time to get tipsy on gulab jamuns! Head to Texas Tower with the squad and give the dessert a shot.