Green Escape: Road Trip To The Gorgeous Mulshi Dam From Pune

    What Is It?

    Located to the west of Pune {about 50 kms} and close to Lonavala too, Mulshi dam is a must-visit for its beautiful, green drive and splendid view. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, then here’s a place you need to see.

    How Do I Get There?

    Mulshi dam is very close to Pune {an hour-long drive}, and will take you approximately around two hours. We have always chosen to make the most of this, and hence, we suggest you hop into your car or hire one, and make this most of this gorgeous, scenic drive. A road trip is obviously always a good idea.

    What's Unique About It?

    Basically, Mulshi dam and its surroundings are full of natural beauty with a dam {obviously}, hilly region of the Sahyadri’s deep forests and forts such as Dhangad and Koraigadh. In case you already didn’t know, the water of Mulshi generates electricity and is one of the biggest projects undertaken in the state.

    To see the gorgeousness of Mulshi, you can head to Valanewadi, which is about 6km from. You can also be amazed by the beautiful Sahyadri hills from there. The lovely Ratnagiri hills and the ranges of Hattohant and Pagota are terrific. While there, also check out the Lavmal plateau. If you go further ahead and are willing to drive for just a bit longer, then do check out the Tamhini Ghats too.

    Anything Else?

    Mulshi dam is every Punekars go-to getaway place, simply because it’s geographically very close and who wants to go to Lonavala when such beauty awaits you, right?

    So, We're Saying...

    We think one should most definitely enjoy the marvelous lake, the dam, forest and hilly region of Mulshi. Many do day trips to Mulshi, but if you want to do a two-day, weekend getaway kind of a scene, then there are plenty of places around Mulshi that offer affordable accommodation.