We Found An Ice Cream Mani-Pedi Treatment In Pune & You Should Try It

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While ice cream gives you the best sugar fix ever, did you know it’s also great to remove the dark sun tan off your hands and feet? No? Enter, the ice cream pedicure and manicure at Meshail Salon.

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We have been told to cut down on calories, carbs and sugar for that perfect beach-body. But has anyone mentioned that a bit of sugar isn’t all that bad for a glowing skin? We’re talking about the sensational and the most relaxing ice cream mani-pedi at Meshail in Aundh and FC Road.

So, how does an ice cream treatment feel? For starters, your feet and hands will smell like a scoop of creamy chocolate gelato. No kidding!

Available in strawberry, chocolate and lavender flavours, the ice cream here is actually fizzy bath bombs, shaped like real ice cream scoops. We hear, these ‘scoops’ come with the goodness of natural minerals, six different kinds of aroma oils, epsom salt and fragrances. And, in case you’re wondering how safe it is…honestly, we felt pretty great. Besides, these bath bombs are 100% preservative and paraben free.

This luxury spa treatment follows the basic steps of any ordinary mani-pedi – soak feet and hands in luke warm water which will be flavoured right in front of you; next a sherbet scrub to remove the dead cells; an application of mask made of glycerin, clay and peppermint oil to soothe the skin and lastly {and, the best part} a shea and cocoa butter massage for the ultimate nourishment. Tan off, hello baby soft skin!

Price: INR 1,000 for manicure; INR 1,200 for pedicure

Time: 60 minutes

So, We're Saying...

An ordinary mani-pedi might take at least two to three treatments to remove the tan. This one will do the job in one sitting!