Vegetarians, How Many Of These Iconic Restaurants Have You Tried?

    Vegetarians, listen up! Whether you’re new to the city or looking for a place to enjoy your next meal; here are our top 10 picks for iconic pure veg eateries in Pune.


    You simply can’t talk about iconic veg eateries and not mention Shabree. A legend of sorts, Shabree on FC Road is popular for their authentic Maharashtrian fare – particularly their thalis, and puran poli. From college kids to tourists, the crowd here is a mix but one thing is for sure – everyone’s here for the food. Service is quick, and prices are pocket-friendly. An average meal for two will cost you INR 800.

    Cream Craver

    Formerly ‘Cream Corner’, Cream Craver has a big outlet in Camp, and another in Kalyani Nagar. From freshly-squeezed juices and lip-smacking street food to Punjabi and Chinese favourites; there’s a dish for every craving! We love their special ‘Bombay pav bhaji’, cheese masala pav bhaji, chole bhature, and fresh fruit ‘pyali’ with cream and ice-cream. Light on your wallet, you can feast like a king here without breaking the bank! Check out our full recommendation here. A meal for two here will set you back INR 500 only!



    Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

    Vaishali needs no introduction, but for the uninitiated: it’s more than just a place to eat. A cult favourite, one of our team members once remarked that “the place is an experience, an emotion”. Busy at all hours of the day, their authentic South Indian fare is worth the wait {and the trip}. Start with the classics: wada sambar, Mysore masala dosa, and an onion-cheese-tomato uttappam {with butter, obviously} and work your way through the menu from there. Vaishali also serves a small variety of other Indian snacks, sandwiches/toasts, bhel-puri, hot/cold beverages, and desserts {mainly ice cream, and fruit salad}. An average meal for two here will cost you INR 700 or less.

    Sante Spa Cuisine

    Popular with the brunch crowd, Sante Spa Cuisine is a vegetarian eatery nestled away in a leafy lane of Koregaon Park. Their menu features ‘Spa Cuisine’ – i.e. it’s super-healthy, with a lot of vegan and gluten-free options as well. From the familiar to the experimental – try some of their more unusual items, like the ‘black’ hummus, and their ‘black wasabi’ ice cream {both made with edible activated charcoal}, farm-fresh pizza, and bajra riso. An average meal for two here will cost you INR 1,300.


    A family favourite, Ram-Krishna in Camp has been dishing out delicious vegetarian fare to patrons, since 1974. Stretching beyond the typical South Indian, they also serve snacks, chaat, beverages, as well as Punjabi and Indo-Chinese cuisine. We like their cheese sada dosa, ‘paper’ masala dosa {not for the faint-hearted}, sev batata puri, and DIY-style pani puri. Spread over three large banquet-size rooms, this eatery is always bustling, with a waitlist at mealtimes. The staff is friendly, prices are very reasonable, and service is efficient. A meal for two will set you back about INR 900.


    Shakahari at the JW Marriott on Senapati Bapat Road is one of the rare vegetarian fine-dining places in the city. Featuring Bengali & Awadhi delicacies, the food is rich in flavour, and a bit more expensive than your average restaurant. Their dessert selection of Indian sweets is extensive, and they do offer fresh fruit and sugar-free options for the health-conscious. Pair a cocktail with your meal, and you’re good to go! Shakahari is great for date-nights and special occasions – but we recommend booking a table in advance. A meal for two here, might set you back about INR 2,500.

    Aaoji Khaaoji

    Famous for their stuffed paranthas and authentic Punjabi fare, Aaoji Khaaoji has three outlets across Pune. Skip the small stuff and go straight for the kill with their legendary paranthas: try the Yuvraj Singh parantha thali {with chole, sabzi, salad, rajma and more}, the Sunny Deol parantha thali {with a special sabzi, dal makhani, thick buttery paratha, rajma, salad, papad and aachar}, OR dare to finish their Kumbhakaran thali, and take home INR 11,000 in cash! We’re not even kidding – read more on the latter, here. An average meal for two here will cost you INR 1,200.

    The Real Green Cafe

    Strictly vegan, The Real Green Cafe serves a proper plant-powered menu. Choose from plenty of whole-wheat carb options {sandwiches, flat-breads, pasta, wraps}, mock meat, soy and almond milk, dairy-free cheese {made with nuts}, and gluten-free items to satiate your palate. Everything on their menu is sourced locally and freshly made in-house. They can source organic fruit on order {seasonally, from local farmers} and host vegan cooking workshops on occasion, too.

    Pasteur Ice Cream Parlour

    Pasteur Ice Cream Parlour {formerly the ‘Dairy’} – not to be confused with their Bakery – is a delightful place to visit for an afternoon snack-fest or dessert. Choose from a selection of vegetarian snacks and street-style chaat, or dive into a serving of their famous softy, sundaes, and other flavoured ice creams. If you’re hungry, munch on heartier options like pav-bhaaji, parathas, pizza, chole bhatura, dal kachori, and the fancy fried potato-on-a-stick. There isn’t much seating {in fact, hardly any}, so you’re likely to have to stand and eat your food at one of their counters. Pasteur’s basket chaat, hot samosas with chutney, SPDP, 2-in-1 softy {chocolate-vanilla} and chocolate-dip softy are our top picks! A meal for two here barely costs INR 200.

    Hotel Shreyas

    Hotel Shreyas

    Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

    If you want to dig into vegetarian Maharashtrian cuisine, then you must make a trip to Hotel Shreyas in Deccan Gymkhana. You can get yourself an unlimited veg thali for INR 310 which includes a dry vegetable and a gravy (depends on what's made that day), which usually is katri batata, kobi batata, bhendi masala or bharli vangi, batata rassa, palak patal bhaji among others. There's a portion of usal, amti and rassa, some more sabji, chapati or rice, buttermilk, snack item, and a few more things. The restaurant is open from 7a.m. to 10 a.m., then again from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. A meal for two here will set you back INR 700 only.