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    Broke Shopaholics, Head To Chor Bazaar For Dirt Cheap Merch

    Shruti posted on 24 November


    There is a chor bazaar near railway station and it is every broke person's paradise. Buy the best of watches, shoes, headphones and a lot more starting at INR 200.


    We found watches beginning from INR 250, which is further negotiable. Trust us, they did look like the originals! To be specific, the first copy of a Rado model worth a lakh, cost us a mere INR 550.

    Branded Footwear

    If you’ve craved those Adidas shoes but haven’t been able to afford them, here’s your chance! Well, an exact duplicate at INR 550 {negotiable further}, what else could you ask for? Not just that, but the shops there have a vast collection to offer.With flipflops starting at INR 100 only, we couldn’t resist but buy some for daily wear. Loafers, boots, flip-flops or sneakers, they’ve got it all.


    Love listening to music? Head to Chor Bazaar for some amazing deals on your favourite headphones! Though we can’t guarantee the music quality here, these headphones cost a mere INR 250. {negotiable further} You know why you should be heading here.


    Whether you want to gift these quirky pieces or simply want it for yourself, these minion and alphabet keychains cost a mere INR 30! They look super cute and you won’t ever lose your key again. Hurry, because these keychains go out of stock fast!


    Who wants to look chic? We know you do. Stock up by buying quirky glares from Chor Bazaar at INR 100 only! Don’t worry, they haven’t been stolen. Just beautifully crafted. Decent styles and funky ones, describe it, and you’ll find the ones suited to your needs.

    Fidget Spinners and Phone Cases

    If you’ve still not gotten over these addictive spinners, you can have differently coloured ones for your collection at INR 30 each. Yes, truly. Not limiting to only fidget spinners, many shops also have a vast collection of phone cases for the love your phone deserves. Starting at INR 100, it’s surely a good deal, isn’t it?

    Street Food

    After a lot of shopping and negotiations, you do deserve good food. Worry not, because ‘Kashmir Cool’, a joint that serves some amazing samosas, poha, dhoklas, idli and a lot more at Chor Bazaar beginning at INR 10 a plate will not let you leave starved. With a lot many shops also offering a variety of sweets, you can gorge on some snacks and sugar alike.

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        Street Stores

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        locationAgarkar Nagar