Get These Safely Packaged Authentic Dum Biryani & Firni Delivered To Your Home!

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What Makes It Awesome?

First of all the packaging is so impressive. You just feel so safe when restaurants like this take such good care of their food following the protocols to conduct business during this quarantine times. Cloth bags with zip-tied locks ensuring Noone touches the food, right? Not just a tape or anything.

You get Mutka Firni in an actual mutka which is exceptionally beautiful. Then you get your biryani in a clay pot with a clay pot warmer, inside they give tiny candles which u can light and keep it in the pot warmer. Which surprisingly works just fine. The best part is you can use these pots later for cooking something or to set dahj.

Let's talk about food. I judge a biryani by the chicken being cooked thoroughly and how well spices are used to give a unique flavour overall to set itself apart from other types. The chicken was cooked perfectly, the caramelized onions were amazing, spices were balanced enough that I didn't feel the need to have sides with that like the salaan, Salaan I had separately because it was just soo flavorful kinda like kadhi but still different and so amazing next time. I'm definitely gonna go for another takeaway and will ask for extra salaan.

Now let's talk about the kebabs. Most of the times kebabs outside are under marinated, but this one OMG. so well marinated that I just couldn't stop eating, I kid you not.

I don't have a sweet tooth but still, this firni is good enough for people who don't love sweets but still it is just sweet enough like how firni is supposed to be