Diwali Shopping Left Your Wallet Empty? Try These Budget Buys

I'm a total shopaholic, so I can't stop shopping. But, with Diwali gone and the coming Christmas has me worried. So I scouted Shop On LBB for some budget buys that I loved.

Leather Cable Wrap

My earphones always get tangled, don't yours? I love this leather cable wrap that can help keep them in place. That way, half my travel time won't be wasted in untangling the earphones. Plus, it looks cool, don't you think?

Buddha Nirvana Graphic Crew Neck T-Shirt

Whoa! A t-shirt for just INR 399 after a 60% off! That's a steal. Plus the print is kind of edgy, don't you think? It's a Buddha in nirvana; and the material of this tee is SO good. 

Justice League Superman Batman & Flash Low Cut Socks (Set of 3)

We always need socks. And this set of Justice League socks are something I'd definitely wear casually. And, they're low cut which means I can wear the with several pairs of shoes without any worry of them peeking out.

Delicate Mini Paisley Print Tie

Well party season is about to hit, and since I'm already shopping, I thought I'd might as well invest in a cheap tie that look expensive. And this does just that!