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This Delivery Kitchen Brings Indian Flavours & Spices In Biodegradable Boxes

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What Makes It Awesome?

MomNom, A delivery kitchen started by a couple on a promise to serve their best irrespective of the profit. To start with they deliver their food in biodegradable boxes, revert to your complaints, pay very close attention to the hygiene of the kitchen and always serving fresh food. I had Varieties of dishes from here.

1. The 3 bean salad, though I am not a big fan of salad, this was surely my exception. The taste was scrumptious.
2. The sweet potato fried chips, these had an amazing after taste and me and my friends just couldn't stop eating it. They serve it with a special in house dip which very well complimented the chips.
3. The beetroot Tikki, an amazing creation with unforgettable taste which will remain on your tastebuds forever. Served with a pure green chunty.
4. Chicken harissa, being a chicken lover I can place my bets on this one. Perfectly cooked and delicious.
5. Podi seekh equally stood on the grounds of chicken harissa.
6. White butter chicken, you probably haven't heard of it and u need to try it asap. It has a sweet but flavoursome taste.
7. Mutton masala, sweet at the start but the flavours will hit you slowly ending with the delicious after taste.
8. Chole bhature made authentically, you won't feel the heaviness in your stomach which you usually feel after having a bhature fried in bad oil.
9. Rice kheer, no words for this heavenly dessert.

Just the perfect end to the perfect meal.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000