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Carnivores, These Five Pune Restaurants Serve The Meatiest, Most Loaded Pizzas Ever

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Are you a self-confessed meat lover? Do you always wish there was more meat in your food; in the pastas, curries, salads, and pizzas? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Here’s a list of the best meatiest pizzas in town, for both your cravings- cheese and meat!

Slice Of Soul

This cute restaurant located in Kalyani Nagar offers customisable ‘Make Your Own Pizzas’. Patrons are allowed to pick and choose everything- the kind of dough {the new herbed dough is absolutely delicious}, cheese, sauce, and the unlimited toppings on their pizza (do check out the tequila prawns and bacon combination!). Confused by the variety on the menu? Don’t worry! The staff is friendly and courteous, offering suggestions on delicious combinations. Still unsure? There are some classic pizzas like Aglio Olio and BBQ Prawns that you just cannot go wrong with. With a side of cheesy garlic bread and bottomless coke, you’ll be more than satisfied with this hearty meal.


A chain outlet, present in Baner and Kalyani Nagar, Bubsterr’s serves Pizzas by the slice. Although the prices {an average of 200 per slice} seem a little steep, one slice of Bubsterr’s is quite filling. With around 15+ meat options, chicken and pork divide the menu. The most popular chicken variants are the Bubsterr’s Glazed Chicken Recipe {BBQ chicken, caramelised onions, and oozing cheese} and the Bubsterr’s Peri-Peri Chicken {tangy fiery Peri-Peri chicken, cherry tomatoes, and basil}. While the restaurant in Kalyani Nagar offers limited seating, Bubsterr’s does provide home delivery. So the next time you crave meaty pizza with oozing cheese, you know whom to call!

Elephant & Co Gastropub

Although known for its deliciously potent cocktails, Elephant & Co. gets their pizza right. These meaty pizzas are the perfect accompaniment to your drinks; light, flavoursome, and heavily loaded. If you believe that pineapple on your pizza is sacrilege, you should most definitely try their Smoked Chicken and Pineapple Pizza- it’s so good, you might just switch sides! The spicy charred chicken combined with mouth watering caramelised pineapple in a delicious in house sauce is a treat for your taste buds. Another delectable combination is the Bacon, Ham and Rucola Pizza; bits of well-cooked bacon and ham with fresh Rucola leaves and a balsamic dressing. A little heavy on the pockets, the non-vegetarian pizzas are priced at Rs. 400 for a 10-inch pizza that serves 2. With live music, aesthetic lighting, and cute décor, Elephant & Co. is the perfect setting for your next night out when you crave some Pizza!

Baked and Wired Pizzeria

An authentic pizzeria, Baked and Wired gives you the confusing choice of variety. Right from sizes {8 inches, 10 inches, and a whopping 30 inches}, to the type of base you want {Thin crust, deep dish, or deep pan}. Shout out to their Gluten Free pizza base option. It was absolutely tasty and truly gluten free {my friend is allergic, so it’s certified}. Their Cajun Chicken Pizza was an indulgence; Mediterranean style chicken loaded in mozzarella cheese, topped with toasted jalapenos in pizza sauce. Apart from this, the Piggy Delight is an overload of all things pork; pepperoni, ham, and bacon in oozy cheese. You can also ask for extra toppings, available at a nominal price, to make your pizza ‘double meat’. P.S: Do try their Children’s Chocolate Pizza, a dessert based pizza made entirely of chocolate.


This cosy dimly lit restaurant is perfect for you and your pizza loving date! Best known for the Italian cuisine, namely Pizza, Dezio has roughly 20 variants on their menus, each more exotic than the previous one. If you love seafood, then Dezio has the most exquisite pizza for you! The Tarantina is a tomato sauce based thin crust pizza with an assortment of fresh fish and prawns, topped with capers and parsley in melting mozzarella cheese. Hands down, one of the best seafood based pizzas in all of Pune! If you’re looking to experiment, do try the Calzone Cucuzza; closed pizza stuffed with tomato sauce, Parmesan, cheddar, bacon, and chicken. Although a little pricey at Rs. 500 per pizza, the flavours and portions are absolutely worth it.