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Love Cad B & Cad M? Here's Where We Found The Best Versions Of The Drink


    Now, everyone loves chocolate shakes. But when in Pune, our favourite dessert-cum-drink gets a twist that’s hard to say no to. Enter: Cad B & Cad M! A thick choco shake, made of either dark or milk chocolate, served with grated chocolate and sometimes, a scoop of ice cream and brownie on top.

    Cad (M) Cad (B)

    Cad M Cad B

    Rasta Peth, Pune

    Yes, that’s exactly the name of the cafe, and perhaps one of the first ones in Pune to introduce the concept, years ago. The USP of the cafe, is well, in its name! With 7 outlets in the city, these guys are the true master-creators of the drink. Priced at INR 50 for medium and INR 60 for a large glass, their Cad B and Cad M, topped with plenty of dark chocolate shavings, come in takeaway plastic containers. Over the years, the restaurant has experimented with the drink and has introduced nine more versions of it. Say hello to Cad White, Cad Mint, Cad Mango, Cad Coconut, Almond, Oreo, Eclaire, Ferrero and Snicker.

    Cafe Chokolade

    Cafe Chokolade

    Maharshi Nagar, Pune

    With about 14 outlets in the city, this cafe has named the shake after their’s. Must-try the chokolade B and chokolade M, for INR 70 (medium) each. If that’s not enough, we recommend you take the large glass for INR 90.

    Love to experiment? Try their Belgian chokolade for INR 100. Imagine Cad B in extra dark chocolate with extra thickness. We also loved their crunchy crackle chokolade for INR 100, with hints of teeny tiny caramel crunch.

    Aadd (M) Aadd (B)

    While CAD stands for cadbury, it’s still a mystery what AADD stands for. But, all we can say that they are an exact replica of their counterpart, Cad B Cad M. Not that we are complaining, we love their drinks to the core. When at Aadd B Aadd M, must-try their Oreo thickshake for INR 100 and the mint flavoured shake for INR 80.

    The Chocolate Room

    The Chocolate Room

    Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

    At the Chocolate Room, Cad B and Cad M, gets fancier names and presentations. But if you are looking for a thick shake that comes closer to Cad B, we recommend you try their Lindt milk/dark chocolate shake for INR 249. This is not just great in terms of presentation with a cherry on the top (literally), but it tastes extremely good. The drink is thicker, right amount of gooey-ness and an abundance of toppings.

    If that’s too much for you, then go for their classic brownie shake for INR 179 with hints of homemade fudge brownie to tantalize your taste buds.