Printed Shirt & Tie-Dye Bag: Show Your Quirky Side Like Param

Why are men afraid of colour? If I want to show my quirky side, and I think this look by designer Param Sahib has inspired me to try out this look. Check out what he's worn! 

Handblock Polka Dots & Pineapple Print Casual Shirt

Fancy Pastels hand-blocks shirts brilliantly! And, this polka dotted & pineapple printed shirt really helps in showing your fun side. Param has worn it as an over-shirt, but I'm definitely going to try this on for a fun Sunday lunch with friends. It's a great print to wear to show your quirky side if you're still not open to wearing more colour. Although Param has paired it with yellow pants, and it looks SO COOL!

Straight Shibori Tie-Dye Drawstring Backpack

If you're in college, you should grab this bag! It's fun and will help you experiment with your look. I wouldn't mind adding this to y wardrobe and use it now and then to add a fun element to my outfit. Plus, shibori bags are very trendy at the moment.