Apala In Hauz Khas Village Has Silver Jewellery Well Worth The Splurge

Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

What Makes It Awesome?

That it's a large enough, luxuriant space in the heart of South Delhi full of choice silver jewellery. Well, primarily; you'll find a couple of strings of Jade and the like thrown in for good measure. From large, statement pieces with silver pearls and semi-precious stones to kundan-style earrings that were meant to be married with Indianwear, you'll find many a stunning piece at this store. For a second when I walked in, I was confused about whether they did decor as well—i got clarity when I asked and they just said they have a smattering of statues 'for the aesthetic'. The pieces I'd write home about are their ornate, ethnic chokers, they're beautiful stone-inlayed earrings and their enormous, dramatic pendants.

What Could Be Better?

Everything is pretty intense; some lighter jewellery as an option is always welcome.

How Much Did It Cost?

Hauz Khas Village, Delhi