10 Awesome Bookstores That Should Be On Every Dilliwalla's Radar


    The world may have moved on to Kindles and iPads, among other things, but there are still a few old-school folks out there for whom a book means having the joy of holding one that they can flip through, sniff, and probably even fold at the edges (oh don’t be dramatic, we’ve all done it).

    And for some of these old-school folks, the correct way to buy a book is by heading straight to the bookstore (after having bravely pushed past the temptation of buying discounted copies off the internet). It is for such folks that we’ve drawn up a list of our beloved bookstores in the capital. Is your favourite here, too?

    Disclaimer: As stores are reopening and following safety guidelines, please ensure you wear a mask and practice social distancing if you step out. 

    Midland Book Shop

    A childhood favourite, Midland is a cosy little bookstore in Aurobindo that's family-run and has a great science fiction selection. They always have the latest books by Indian authors and their comic book and graphic novel collection, while small, isn’t bad either. If you want a book they don’t have, they are more than willing to order it for you.

    People Tree Bookstore

    People Tree

    Connaught Place, Delhi

    Situated in the People Tree clothing store, the bookshop is small and intimate. The selection is not the largest but, we promise you, dig around long enough and you can find some diamonds in the rough that made your patience totally worth it.

    Bahrisons Booksellers

    A Khan Market classic since 1953, Bahrisons is also one of Delhi’s better-known bookstores. We’ve always enjoyed their selection of coffee table books, and they always seem to have every Man Booker Prize nominee available (which is not easy!). The magazine section in the back is always packed. Bahrisons, a while back, underwent a renovation, making their upper section roomier and easier to browse through.

    PS: We also love their Saket store that's behind the malls.

    May Day Bookstore

    One of the very few Indie bookstores in the city, May Day is situated in a place most bookstore owners would consider fatal for business. But there’s good reason for that, as the idea was not so much to earn profits as it was to grow and promote a community that has great love for reading.

    Referred by rickshaw-wallas in the area as ‘bayaasi number’, May Day stocks various genres of books (we hear the owner refuses to stock books by Chetan Bhagat and writers of the similar clan, even though they generate maximum profits), but it is their selection of second-hand books that we keep going back for.

    Oxford Bookstore

    Oxford Bookstore

    Connaught Place, Delhi

    One of the largest bookstores in Delhi, Oxford greets patrons with a series of photography and coffee table books on the walls. The size and selection of the store could have you browsing it for hours. With Cha Bar inside, it is the perfect meeting spot for readers. Buy a book, grab a chai and patiently await your friend’s arrival.

    The Book Shop

    Ever since it first opened shop in 1970, The Bookshop remains an old favourite for many Dilliwallas. Frequented by noteworthy authors like William Dalrymple, Khushwant Singh, and Arundhati Roy, The Bookshop is great if you’re looking for books on literary fiction, biographies, current events, crime and mystery, graphic novels, and cookbooks; they even have a separate section just for kids.

    And if you’re unable to find a book you must have, they’ll do their best to procure it from the publishers.

    PS: They are closed on Sundays.

    Chapter 101

    Chapter 101

    DLF Phase - 5, Gurgaon

    Chapter 101 is a book store with lots of character, rare books and coffee. In addition to all the classics (including first-edition copies), contemporary releases are well-represented so there’s a book for everyone at Chapter 101. Curl up with a cup of coffee and settle down, the wooden shelves at this book store are lined with literary dreams.

    PS: They are closed on Tuesdays.

    Sisters Of The People : Book Shop

    Open three days a week (Mon, Tue and Fri), Book Shop (it’s called that) is tucked in a corner of Lajpat Bhawan’s Sisters of the People NGO building, and stocks up books people have lovingly donated over the years. Books here start at just INR 10!

    Note: Do drop them a text before you decide to venture out. They're initially only starting with deliveries of books ordered through their Instagram. 

    Full Circle Bookstore

    Full Circle Bookstore in Khan Market is like a maze we never want to find a way out of. It's sunshine walls, green arches, and brown bookshelves are ever so charming, and you'll find books of all genres in here. Do check out the leather-bound classic books beside the billing counter, they're a collector's dream come true.

    Faqir Chand & Sons

    Books on books on books - that's literally how Faqir Chand & Sons looks like on the inside and we love every bit of it. The old-world charm and nostalgia engulfs you as soon as you step inside the store and the massive collection of new arrivals, classics, bestsellers, and even children's books will keep you coming back for more.


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