Our Go-To Coastal Addresses For Prawn Curry & Mutton Fry

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Ten-Second Takeaway

If you like masala, seafood and meat, we’re pretty sure Indian coastal food fares high on your priority list. Whereas quality coastal food isn’t easily found in all corners of Delhi, we managed to dig out eight restaurants that do a pretty great job.

So here’s a toast to the coast.

Coast Cafe At OGAAN

Coast Cafe is one of our favourite places to go to for a meal at any given time. They do a mean Prawn Moilee, Mutton Fry and Malabari Cocum Fish Curry. They keep it classic with some modern add-ons such as the Kari Patta Chicken Wings.

And there’s no better accompaniment to the food than their stunning Moscow Mule {for something sweeter, give their sangria a try}.

What To Order: Prawn Moilee, Appams


Our 2016 obsession, Sanadige occupies a large space in the chic Malcha Marg market. Perfect for large family outings {or even a date if you sit outside}, they do a gorgeous Chicken Ghee Roast and Fried Fish. They also do some refreshing fresh fruit cocktails and a surprisingly good Chilli Paneer.

#LBBTip: Opt for their Seafood Thali available between Monday to Thursday to really get a taste of it all.

What To Order: Chicken Ghee Roast, Fried Fish


We don’t usually have faith in restaurants at the mall but Mahabelly dispels all these apprehensions. They whip up some delish spicy prawns, Shaapu Meen Curry {a typical Keralite dish where a seasoned fish is infused with Malabari spices, curry leaves and tamarind}.

Their Buff Fry is pretty stellar too but not always available. The Sweet Coconut Dosa is a must have for anyone who has the slightest inclination towards coconuts.

#LBBTip: Head here on a weekend- that’s when they fly in fresh seafood and the menu takes on a whole new avatar.

What To Order: Prawns Varathathu, Shaapu Meen Curry


One of the oldest contenders in this category, Swagath is still just as welcoming {pun intended}. It does tend to fall off our radar every now and then, it never really disappoints when we go back.

If you’re confused about what to order here, go for the Fish Biryani, Crab Masala and the Swagath Special Surmai.

What To Order: Fish Biryani, Swagath Special Surmai

Kerala Hotel

Not the fanciest place but do you really care when you’re getting a full meal with seafood for as less as INR 200? When at Kerala Hotel, order multiple helpings of the Malabar Paratha and soak it in the Prawn Curry gravy or the Mutton Stew.

What To Order: Prawn Curry, Mutton Stew

Cafe Lota

Cafe Lota isn’t purely about coastal food neither does the menu skew in favour of it but if you find yourselves here, you absolutely have to order the Prawns in Mango Curry, the Mutton Ghee Roast and a stack of appams.

And please don’t leave without trying the Bhapa Doi Cheesecake.

What To Order: Prawns in Mango Curry

Via Goa

ViaGoa is a delivery only service and the food is so close to what you actually get in Goa that we’re beginning to think they actually get it from there. They operate out of Chattarpur so you may want to check if your house falls in their delivery radius before you unhesitatingly order the Prawn Balchao and Pork Vindaloo.

What To Order: Prawn Balchao, Pork Vindaloo