You Win Some, You Dimsum: Fulfill Your Cravings At This Restaurant In Khan Market

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We’ve always loved Mr. Choy for their ever-so-popular bubble tea but this time our fondness for this warm and lovely place amplified and we were literally in food coma for quite a while. Their special dim sums menu is to die for and even if you get full after a certain point of time, you’ll be left begging for more. Here’s what we think you should order on your next visit.

The Signature Beetroot Salad

Mid-week shenanigans? Start with this salad before you enter the world of dim sums. Tangy slices of carrots, beetroot and onion tossed in a pool of sesame served with raw fried papaya made for an exciting start. The roasted almonds on top add the perfect crunch and we couldn’t wait for what was coming our way.

#LBBTip: Can’t get enough? Try their water chestnut salad oozing with coconutty Thai flavours with peanuts on top.

Four Seasons Special

First up on our momo-sa ride were the vegetarian dim sums, filled with chopped baby corn, carrot, beans and diced onions. Thankfully there were only four dumplings per serving otherwise we wouldn’t know where to stop.

Steamed Spicy Chicken

These dim sums will remind you of the classic momos that made you fall in love with the concept of minced chicken packed in a pot sticker in the first place. These steamed {not so spicy} chicken dumplings are a perfect answer to all your cravings.

Hargow Dumplings

These are steamed momos filled with prawns and will remind you of the sea. The prawns are cooked to perfection and will make you reminisce those beachy days in Goa.

Xo Scallop And Prawn Dumplings

Do not miss out on these open top dim sums. Topped with egg, scallops and filled with perfectly simmered prawns, this box of pot stickers will be the reason for your second visit to Mr. Choy.

Prawns Gyoza

We were hunched down to our table when these arrived and couldn’t sit up straight until we finished every little bite of it. These Japanese inspired, first steamed and then half pan fried dim sums, are the best new thing we’ve tried in a long time.

Are you excited to try all but worried if your appetite will be able to handle this? Go for their assorted dim sum snack box and pick any six out of their extensive menu – we just made things better, didn’t we?

#LBBTip: If you’re in the mood to try something different, then do not {and we mean you must not} miss out on their special grilled chicken marinated in chilli, honey and soy sauce.

Drooling already? Head over to Mr. Choy now and put your chopstick skills to use.

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