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8 Wellness Brands For Feminine Hygiene That Are Ahead Of The Curve


    Gone are the days when talking about feminine hygiene and wellness were considered taboo. Talks circling around menstrual hygiene, sexual wellness and basically anything that's remotely related to female wellness were always hushed. Not anymore though. Thanks to the many kickass hygiene and wellness brands that are breaking the stereotypes and encouraging women to talk about different concerns and share their journeys freely. Captivating packaging, great messaging and only good ingredients, here are some brands that are revolutionising the feminine hygiene and wellness industry. 


    Headquartered in Gujarat, Saathi is a brand that makes eco-friendly hygiene products using plant-based materials. Good for the planet and body, how great is that! Saathi makes biodegradable pads out of banana and bamboo fibres (yes) because it's supposed to have crazy absorbent properties. Free of any sorts of chemicals, these are bound to provide a rash-free period. They also have these lovely Self Love Starter Packs with biodegradable pads, organic detox tea, turmeric latte, canvas pad pouch, bamboo toothbrush, neem comb and a whole bunch of other green products. They've also partnered with many NGOs and CSR partners to work on different projects around Period Poverty. 

    Price: Starting at INR 180


    Targetting women-on-the-go, PINQ is a great startup brand you'll keep going back to each time you travel whether for work or pleasure. Their Polka eco-friendly and oxo-biodegradable pads are ultra-thin and available in different sizes. They also have these Pee-On-The-Go biodegradable funnels for when you're trying to avoid using icky public toilets while travelling. A genius invention, if you ask us. PINQ also has a bunch of these care boxes which contain various hygiene products that always come in handy. We'd like to mention here that these kind folks also engage with underprivileged women to curate their signature hygiene essentials. 

    Price: Starting at INR 130

    Goli Soda

    For all things upcycled, organic and eco-friendly head over to this Chennai-based brand, Goli Soda. Apart from the funky name and an efficient sustainable approach, the brand's prominent for its range of women's hygiene products. Organic Cloth Pads, Foldable Pads, Panty Liners, colourful Menstrual Cups and more - this brand is definitely creating a positive impact with its all-natural products. 

    Price: Starting at INR 235

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    We love Peach for its minimalist packaging and clean ingredients. Ensuring a happy cycle, this brand does organic cotton tampons that expand horizontally and are very comfortable to use. Not to forget, these are biodegradable too. Light to heavy flows and mini to super sizes, you can choose the right kind of tampon for your body. Ladies, they have a cramp relief balm that is made entirely out of the good stuff. It's believed to ease premenstrual tension and help relax the muscles. God sent? Absolutely! In addition, you can also shop for Peach's Biodegradable Panty Liners, Handmade Hot Bag and Natural Lip Balm.

    Price: Starting at INR 150 

    The Woman's Company

     The Woman's Company

    The Woman's Company

    What's in a name? Only everything! The Woman's Company is an online brand started by two women who are dedicated to making sustainable feminine hygiene and wellness products accessible to women all over. Their product range includes Menstrual Cups for all body types, Panty Liners, Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads and Teen Pads, Stand And Pee Sticks, Cotton Tampons, Shaving Creme and Bamboo Razors. 

    Price: Starting at INR 50

    That Sassy Thing

    Let's talk about sex baby, let's talk about you and me... And let's also talk about everything in the sexual wellness and feminine hygiene spectrum. Going by these bold and sassy principles is this woman-led brand, The Sassy Thing. Their product range consists of Pubic Hair Oil, Sexual Lube, Period Cramp Care and combination packs of all three. All three are natural, non-sticky, easy to carry around and definitely get the job done. 

    Price: Starting at INR 500

    Imbue Natural

    Imbue Natural is another brand that's encouraging people to have honest conversations about their bodies, sexual wellness and hygiene through its all-natural products. Intimate Hygiene Wash, Vaginal Foam, Stimulant and Body Oils, these products are free from all nasty chemicals and preservatives. Each product comes with a set of instructions if you're a first time user. If you wish to know more about safe sex, wellness, orgasms and pleasure in general, head over to their blogs or IG handle, it's nothing short of a goldmine. They hold request AMAs with doctors, gynaecologists and other experts. 

    Price: Starting at INR 349


    Recently in the news thanks to their partnership with Taapsee Pannu as their brand ambassador, Gyanoveda is said to be the world's first Ayurvedic FemTech brand. While this one isn't necessarily about sexual wellness, we do believe that fertility, menstruation and pregnancy, comes under this, to some level. Check out the brand for Ayurvedic options for PCOS, delayed periods, cramps and more. They also have pain relief roll ons, intimate itch creams and washes too.


    Let's not shy away from talking about sexual wellness and pleasure. Not when we have these kickass brands trying to change things around. And for the better. While you're at it, also check out these organic intimate wipes and washes that you can shop for a clean time down there.