Buy My Tie: 5 International Websites for All Your Tie Needs

Buying a tie can be difficult. If you don’t want to pay for an expensive bespoke tie, but don’t want to go to a Benetton and buy a random, cheap piece either, then the online shopping market might be your best bet.

With that in mind we did some research and found a few international tie companies that deliver to India.

The Tie Store

If you’re looking for some English sophistication in your dreary life, then The Tie Store is the website for you. Selling everything from formal wedding and country ties to cufflinks and gentlemen’s handkerchiefs, in all styles and patterns, they offer something for everyone. Get a simple polka dot tie, a slick emerald green tie, or a classic preppy navy and yellow woven silk tie.

The Tie Bar

A Chicago-based company, The Tie Bar has a massive collection of neckties, skinny ties, bow ties, pocket squares, socks and other accessories. So expansive is their collection that you can shop by colour, pattern, material, style or type. Their ties are perfect for all functions, from weddings and birthdays, to impressing your new boss or pleasing the women in your life {with your new found sense of style}.

The Tie Bar also suggests suits to match the items you select. They even have a tutorial on how to tie a tie!

Tie Aficionado

Canadian website Tie Aficionado has three tie brands—MyNiceTie, The Dark Knot and Sette, and offers everything from classic, slim and knit ties, to ascots, bow ties and pocket squares. The website even has a Tie Academy section, to teach you Knot 101! The silk knit ties are simple and comfy, good for the winter season. Their jazzy ascots are perfect for a colourful ensemble.

Mrs. Bow Tie

Another English brand, Mrs. Bow Tie has a selection of handmade bow ties, ties, pocket squares and matching accessories {as well as a fashionable kids section!}. You can shop by colour, style or theme, each of which have a multitude of options. Each item also has a variety of folds and cuts you can choose from. The website is beautifully designed and certainly one of the most use-friendly we encountered on our internet expedition for ties.

The Whatknot Bow Tie Company

Hailing from Ohio, the small Whatknot Bow Tie Company makes custom, handmade bow ties for the fashion connoisseurs amongst us. Some of their absolutely psychedelic prints include The Countryside, The Crazy Paisley and The Candy Land bow ties that would add a real vibrant splash of colour to a dark ensemble. So if you dress in a lot of dark blues and blacks {sometimes it feels like who doesn’t?}, then throw a few rich hues into your next outfit choice with one of Whatknot’s bows.