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Chabad House Is An Israeli Gem With Authentic Kosher Food & Hebrew Graffiti

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Hidden in the alleys of Paharganj is an Israeli gem called Chabad {pronounced Habaad} House. This place is like home for all the Israelis in Delhi but for us, it’s an opportunity to experience a different world altogether and since food is a big part of our lives, try their authentic Kosher food too, maybe?

Home Away From Home

When you reach the Chabad House that has been around for almost 20 years, you will be required to submit a valid ID with the police officer stationed outside. This is a security measure taken after the Mumbai terror attack on the Chabad House in 2008.

Climb a flight of stairs and you will enter into Delhi’s very own little Israel that houses a Jewish altar, shelves full of books on Judaism and a Kosher food kitchen. You’ll also be greeted by a bunch of Israeli backpackers.

There are almost 5,000 Chabad Houses across the world, two in Delhi itself {another one’s in Vasant Vihar} and the Paharganj Chabad House is the only one that’s open all year round in India. Rabbi Akivah, his wife and his three children who run the Paharganj Chabad House came here 6 years ago and have been offering a home away from home to all the Israelis traveling in and around Delhi. Jews come here to pray together, celebrate Jewish festivals, enjoy Kosher food and experience a bit of home in a foreign land.

Little Israel

Go here for how novel the concept of Kosher food sounds and experience a bit of Israel in Delhi. Even the menu at Chabad House is written in Hebrew, so you’ll need an Israeli’s help with the translation {who are more than happy to help}.

For the uninitiated, Kosher food is the kind of food that’s cooked according to the strict Jewish standards. The fire for Kosher food is lit only by a Jew, chicken and other meat products are separated, cut and cured by Jews only and they are particular about the way the food is cooked.

We tried the Fried Chicken, Pita Bread and salad with Tahini sauce which tasted great but was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, we actually had more fun talking to the cooks, Mrs. Akivah and playing with the little Israeli kids at Chabad House. Mrs. Akivah informed us that since Modi visited Israel, a lot of Indians have been coming to the house and they only hope that this support continues.

So, We're Saying..

We’ve been living in Delhi all our lives and until recently, we never knew that a vast Israeli community existed in this city. If you’ve had too much of malls, Chinjabi food and wish to explore something different, Chabad house is where you should head to.