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    Clean, Classy & Affordable Design by OLIO

    Namrata posted on 09 December


    Dabbling in design-centric garments, varied silhouettes and clothes and accessories that tell a story is OLIO, the newest sartorial pursuit in making great style accessible to all.

    Tell me a story, won’t you?

    What you wear is an expression of what you think, feel and who you are. Aashna and Sneha, the girls behind the brand understand that better than anyone. Their current collection houses two stories- the Binary and the Circus, both of which experiment with prints and silhouettes.

    The Binary

    Think high focus on geometric shapes, monochromatic colours and structured forms. We’re digging the Kimono dress which could be styled to work for both work and play wear. And those Dark Arc earrings? We’re betting they’d liven up any outfit.

    The Circus

    Mixed and matched prints, splashes of colour and a whimsical aesthetic best describe the Circus. Their Skater and Reversible Duster coats are fun yet versatile and we can think of at least five ways to style them.

    What else?

    They’ve also got a range of accessories- from boots to earrings and bags. The shoes make a statement and the accessories are simple yet powerful. The Art Deco pendant and the Balancing Earrings definitely make it to our wishlist.

    The cherry on our sundaes? The pieces are super affordable so you can pick as many as you like without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Price: INR 500 – INR 4,500

    Shop online here. Find out more about them here.

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