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Delhi's BRT all Set to Be Scrapped - REJOICE DELHI

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We won’t ask if you’ve been on the BRT; the more important question is have you made it off yet?

After 7 years of pain, traffic, torture, obstacle race car driving, cops, guards, some men trying to keep us out of the bus lane, attempting to figure out which light is ours, and mapping alternative routes to avoid the BRT, it’s over. This toxic relationship is over. We were stupid to not pick up on the signs, but hey better late than never.

The AAP-run Delhi Government on Tuesday decided to scrap the Bus Rapid Transit corridor, originally introduced by Shiela Dikshit. The Delhi Cabinet has granted in-prinicple approval to scrap the nightmare, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia announced on Tuesday.

Their claims are there was public demand {you think}, and owing to all the bottlenecks, deaths and accidents, they’ve decided it’s time for a shut down.

You’re thinking what’s an in-prinicle approval? Essentially, there’s no plans for how it will be scrapped, or who will be responsible for the process; only initial orders have been passed. But worry not, if they took 7 seven years to decide to scrap it, they’ll be super efficient with actually doing it.

Stay tuned. Until then, we’re waiting on the BRT for traffic to clear.