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    Kumhar Gram: Delhi’s Hidden Treasure Of Pottery

    Ipsita posted on 09 November


    Kumhar Gram is the perfect place to score pottery items at throwaway prices, and also get an insight into the lives of hundreds of potter families residing in this village.

    Mould It Together

    Located on the outskirts of the western part of Delhi, Kumhar Gram is a village that houses about 700 potter families who mould clay and create stacks & mounds of earthenware for a living.

    These utilitarian pottery pieces are picked up in large quantities by city retailers and then sold off with great profit margins. So the next time you revel at the handi of biryani you order at a fancy restaurant, or are itching to buy that surahi at a roadside pottery market, it is highly likely they were made here.

    The experience here is anything but ordinary; you can watch villagers put together pile after pile of beautiful earthenware, try your hand at the art of pottery-making yourself {you may not succeed the first few times, though}, and then maybe join them for a cup of chai and a few rounds of hookah at the end of an exhausting day.

    Lost In A Labyrinth

    In all honesty, getting to this place is not the easiest, which is why it is better to keep your navigation apps aside and rely on the expertise of the locals to guide you to the village.

    You can find flower pots, wall hangings, bird-feeders, and all kinds of beautiful pottery items to buy here. The best part? You can get them at dirt cheap prices.


    A good alternative to going by yourself to explore Kumhar Gram is to book the half-day Indomania Pottery Village Tour which will give you a guided tour from beginning to end.

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    Indomania Pottery Village Tour


    Indomania Pottery Village Tour