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Discover Greater Kailash - 2 in Delhi with curated reviews and recommendations on top places to see, best shops, best cafes, restaurants, & bars, and markets & other tourist attractions. Explore Greater Kailash - 2 with LBB.

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It's Story Time: Get Books For Your Kids Online From This Bookstore In Delhi, #RaisingTheBar At Sidecar In New Delhi!, #NewInTown: Madam Chutney Is A Fancy Version Of Street Chat & We Love It, Soak In The Retro Vibes At This Bollywood-Themed Restaurant & Bar In GK!, GK's Amaltas Is Fine Irresistible Modern Indian Food We Cannot Get Enough Of, A Bite Of Tokyo & A Bowl Or Tori Paitan: All At This Ramen Shop In GK 2, #RaisingTheBar with Resto bar's founders, #RaisingTheBar At Sidecar, Delhi!, #RaisingTheBar At Sidecar, Delhi!,