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Majnu Ka Tilla Isn't All About Food, Go There For Budget Shopping As Well!

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What Did I Like?

I've always loved the vibe that Majnu Ka Tilla {MKT} gives out. It manages to be relaxing and quiet while packing in so much action and hustle & bustle all at the same time. Apart from Laphing {a cold jelly noodle dish originally called Liang fen in Sichuan cuisine} and Ama Cafe, MKT also has amazing clothing and footwear shops. These shops sell the best of fashion and great prices that usually start at INR 350. This is a basic price for most shops there!

One can get clothes from proper shops {Hot Yak is a favourite of mine}, solid perfume from Akama - that is situated right under Ama, and tiny trinkets and beautiful beads from the tiny makeshift stalls present in a row opposite Ama Cafe. One is also bound to find the best sliders, heels, slip on and shoes at various shops as well, with some shops selling only shoes.

What Could Be Better?

It can be hard to move through the tiny lanes of Majnu Ka Tilla and it can be confusing for a first timer.

What's My Pro Tip?

Parking is an issue and since it can be hard to spot the exact location of shops, I suggest you take someone slightly more experienced in the area if it's your first time. Though exploring on your own, too, has its own charm.

Anything Else?

After shopping like crazy, eat some Laphing which is a Tibetan street food and also try out a North Eastern Thali at Ama Thakali. Then go to Ama Cafe and put your feet up with a book in their newly-made first floor. It is easy to make a whole day out of a trip to Majnu Ka Tilla, but make sure you don't come here on a Wednesday if you're a non-vegetarian because they don't serve meat on Wednesdays!