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Present, Please: Your Local Brands Gifting Guide For Mother's Day

With Mother's Day right around the corner, it's time to get the gift list ready for the wonder women in our lives. If you're with your mothers, make sure you cook a perfect meal for her, check out these chefs and bakers for that. The rest of us who are not with them, make sure you send them thoughtful gifts and truck loads of hugs. Below is a carefully curated list of brands that you can buy those presents from. Let's go!

Nappa Dori

We always keep coming back to Nappa Dori when it comes to tastefully made leather products. Having a vintage charm attached to each of their accessories, Nappa Dori's bags count as great buys. We'd suggest you go for their Nordic hand-held clutches if you're looking for something elegant and concise. These clutches come in three beautiful colours, tan, cocoa and black and are priced at INR 7,200. It might prove to be a little heavy on the pockets but it's definitely worth the buy. 

Price: INR 275 onwards 


Want to gift some jewellery? Think Amama. An online jewellery brand whose name translates to grandmother in Telegu, makes for a perfect gift. They've got an amazing collection of jewellery ranging from vintage earrings to heavy neck pieces and more. Amama's collection of silver jewellery earrings with semi-precious stones is something that we would recommend. You can also check out their contemporary collection if you're looking for some casual jewellery options. Every product in their gorgeous collection is a celebration of our rich heritage and has a great amount of nostalgia attached to it.  

Price: INR 999 onwards 


Nothing embodies grace and poise like a marvelous six yard fabric. Saris are timeless gifts and are ideal for a number of occasions. If you're planning to gift your Mom a sari, Suta is the place to be. Right from pure silks to beautifully bordered linen saris, they have everything you're possibly looking for. They have plenty of saris in different fabrics and are decently priced too. If you have your doubts while selecting one, you can even give your mothers a gift card from Suta that allows for them to pick their favourite piece. 

Price: INR 1,050 onwards


Our mothers know how to single-handedly take care of the entire household and we couldn't be more thankful for that. They also possess the powers to revive all the dead plants in the house. If you can relate to this then gifting gardening tools to your Mom can be a great option. Ecofynd is an online store that has budget-friendly and highly convenient garden accessories like tapered planters, fibre plant hangers, colourful watering cans and more. Since their products are highly affordable, you can purchase a bunch of things and make a garden decor gift basket. 

Price: INR 200 onwards 

The Loom

This place is a goldmine for cotton suit sets out of the many other treasures that they sell. Chanderi suits, cotton kaftans, hand-block printed kurtis with lovely dupattas, these guys have it all. The Loom has a beautiful and subtle palette of pastel colours and even better designs. Quintessentially known for their clothing, you can also shop for jewellery, accessories and home decor from this brand. 

Price: INR 1,125 onwards 

Scentido Niche Perfumery

If you're one of those who associates people with heavenly fragrances (guilty) then you might wanna check out this perfumery, Scentido, that sells compelling perfumes, diffusers and scented candles. Their Amber Premier scented candle sounds like a good deal. It contains vanilla, citrus, musk and a whole bunch of other ingredients. You might feel weird spending around INR 3K for candles but it's worth the buy. Besides, when it comes to our birth-givers, we shouldn't have to think twice.

Price: INR 3,400 onwards 

Cosmetics Stores

Scentido Niche Perfumery

Shop 54-B, Ground Floor, Khan Market, New Delhi



How many times have found your Moms redecorating your room, living area or just about any room in the house whenever they get time? They relentlessly work towards making every corner of the house look aesthetic and just perfect and now it's our turn to do the same. Nicobar is this absolutely amazing brand that sells everything from travel wear, to accessories, to really cool home decor. Each product has a hint of beaches, palm trees and all things soothing. Well within budget, you can buy printed stoneware mugs, quirky clutches, bang-on crockery sets and so much more. It's a one stop destination for all your gifting needs.

Price: INR 250 onwards 


Although Moms strongly believe in home-made DIY beauty hacks, SoulTree is something very close to organic and natural beauty products. They have a bunch of skin-care products like organic face oils, mists, hair-care and ayurvedic make-up products. Everyday Beauty Basics, Skin Care Essentials, The Rose Collection are some of their gift sets that you can check out or simply make a set of your own with your choice of products. 

Price: INR 150 onwards

The Decor Kart

Our Moms are the OG Marie Kondos and what's better than to gift them jewellery organizers and decorative storage containers and boxes? The Decor Kart has very distinct collection of home decor products. Their cutesy jewellery boxes and containers have a hint of Victorian designs and come in beautiful colours. Their collection of photo frames is also pretty splendid. Our favourite pick would be the Cecily Photo Frame that comes in a soothing mint green colour and detailed carvings. A gift worth holding on to.

Price: INR 425 onwards 

Home Décor Stores

The Decor Kart

Select Citywalk, Lower Ground Floor, 5, Saket, New Delhi


The Wishing Chair

For the love of pink and all things pastel check out this store for dreamy gifts. Whether it's stationery with adorable little animal figurines or lavender travel bag, The Wishing Chair has a tremendous collection. They even have beautiful gift wrapping papers and bags that you should definitely buy. 

Price: INR 120 onwards