Break Life's Monotony & Peace Out At This Two-Week Meditation Retreat


Do you sometimes feel exhausted after you come back from a vacation? Exhausted from maybe from doing too much or wanting to gain as many experiences as possible? The Kalyanamitra meditation retreat by spiritual guru – Nithya Shanti is the perfect way to let go of life’s monotony and ensuring that you feel recharged after a vacation.

Meditate Away To Zen-mode

Nithya Shanti is a spiritual teacher who conducts weekend meditation workshops {called Joyshops} to help you maintain an eternal state of bliss. I recently attended Nithya’s two week summer retreat at the Chinmaya Vibhooti, just 2 hours from Pune and it gave me the confidence to deal with whatever comes my way.

The daily routine at the retreat was quite intense. The first meditation starts at 5.30am and the day ends at around 9.30pm, usually followed by some board games that Nithya had literally a suitcase full of. So in the two weeks, the maximum sleep one manages to get on any given day is five hours. More sleep would have been nice but my energy levels were just fine despite the fact that I was exercising 1-2 hours a day. The atmosphere at the retreat, the all vegan organic food, the three hours of daily meditation and all of it combined makes for an incredible spiritual experience.

This retreat forced me to listen deeper, abandon all judgments and instead of complaining about things, I’m finding it easier to look at the possibilities and accepting reality without questioning or cribbing. It also helped me understand myself better and taught me how to fully connect with my feelings.

More Deets

The meditation retreat happens on a yearly basis and the location changes every time {it was Uttarakhand last year}. The base price for the retreat which includes everything like food, accommodation, activities etc. starts at INR 35,000 and can vary depending on the room type and the duration of the retreat {think of it as a one-time therapy investment}. For bookings and further information, check out their website or follow their Facebook page.

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