Spot Red Pandas, Trek & Enjoy The Best Of Nature At Nokrek National Park

    What Makes It Awesome

    Nokrek National Park (a part of Nokrek Biosphere Reserve) in Meghalaya is the perfect place to hit up if you're someone who loves nature and the outdoors.

    Located in the West Garo Hills district, Nokrek is home to rare, endangered species like Red Pandas, Asian Elephants, Marbled Cat, and Pig-Tailed Macaque, among many others. The area is also a habitat for a remarkable variety of endemic citrus plants like Indian wild oranges. Since it's a hotspot for biodiversity, UNESCO included this park in its list of biosphere reserves in May 2009. 

    Apart from being a great place for bird-watching and spotting rare animals, Nokrek is also popular among trekkers. The entire area of the park is mountainous and Nokrek, at a height of 1,4132 m, is the highest peak in the Garo Hills. Numerous water bodies like Napak Lake and Simsang River also rise from the Nokrek range. The limestone Siju Caves, Rongbang Dare Waterfalls, and The Garo Hills are some of the many attractions here that you should not miss.

    The nearest railway station and airport for Nokrek National Park is Guwahati (160 km and 170 km away, respectively). From Guwahati, you will have to book a cab or a private vehicle to reach Nokrek. Entry to the park is free.

    What Could Be Better

    There aren't a lot of accommodation or food options available inside the Nokrek National Park. However, one can find lodges and restaurants in Tura or Williamnagar which are at least 15 kms from the park.

    One of the few stay options we've heard great things about are - Balkasin Homestay in Daribogkre Village and Chandigre Rural Tourist Resort.

    Pro Tip

    The best time to visit Nokrek is between the months of October to May. The area experiences heavy rains which is why planning a trip here in the monsoon months of June to September is not advisable.

    Since Nokrek is a humid, marshy land, be sure to carry leech and mosquito repellent sprays and wear covered clothes to prevent leech bites (preferably, wear anti-leech socks; also available in Decathalon).