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Vatika Business Park, On Sohna Road, Is Every Foodie's Delight

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The next time you’re in Sohna Road and you feel a hunger pang coming on, we suggest you head to Vatika Business Park. With bars and restaurants galore, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether you’re looking for a quick, 5pm snack at work or catching up with friends later, Vatika Business Park has you covered.

Open Tap

Extremely popular with the office crowd, they swear it’s the best bar on Sohna road. Enjoy their freshly brewed in-house beers while you snack on the chilly prawns or pita crisps. However, we recommend that you get here early, because the place fills up pretty quickly.


Café Maple Street

This small café serves up some delicious pancakes and waffles all day long {but don’t get thrown by their menu, this isn’t always listed}.We loved their chocolate truffle shake and happily munched on their chicken tikka burger. We haven’t tried any of their pastries yet, but will definitely be heading back to do so.


56 Fresca

This new addition to the business park is a franchise of the well-loved Italian restaurant on Golf course road, 56. The place may lack a diverse menu and ample space, but it scores major points for the quality of food. We’re partial to the Chicken Bolognese and, although you could go the tiramisu way for dessert, why not experiment with the chocolate lasagna?

They have attractive combo options, and serve beer as well as wine. What more could we want?



This is the perfect hideout for when you’re caught in the rain this monsoon. Dip some cake rusks in your adrak chai, or order a plate of pakoras instead. We suggest you try their Andhra Mutton Roll, Bebinca and the Tokris if you’re in a big group. Avoid the coffee here, unless you like yours really milky.


Coriander Leaf

If you’re craving dal makhani, Coriander Leaf is a no-brainer. The fine dining restaurant offers Mughlai delights to fulfull all your north-Indian food fantasies. We OD’d on the galouti kebabs, and washed everything down with a chilled glass of aam panna.



If you’re short on cash and are in the mood for some momos and maggi, head to a teeny-tiny shop there called Refreshment Zone. Their vegetarian momos are delish, though you might have to wait in line to get your hands on them.