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Want To Learn Parkour? Zenith Dance Academy Can Help!

    What Makes It Awesome

    The only reason people know about parkour is those ridiculously well-shot videos that go viral on the Internet, but ever considered actually doing it? If the answer is yes, hit up Zenith Dance Academy, offering one of the very few parkour classes available in the country.

    If you’re remotely (or even potentially) agile and into adventure sports in general, give parkour a shot. (We're already dreaming about doing badass backflips and other ninja stuff, and just being in great shape in general).

    There are a bunch of parkour enthusiasts to be found hanging out and honing their skills at Zenith’s three outlets in the city, which gives you a chance to be a part of the community rather than just going for the classes. The instructors are experienced and proficient, and wouldn’t mind helping you out one on one if you’re struggling with anything. 

    Apart from parkour, they also offer a bunch of dance courses. You can check out their website or just give them a call for more details.

    Happy hopping!

    What Could Be Better

    We wish their website had more detailed information—mostly about the instructors, their schedule and the fees.