Artjuna In Goa Has An Open Library, A Dreamy Store And Freshly Brewed Juices

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Artjuna in North Goa is a quaint open air cafe right out of the Enid Blyton’s series with tree houses, a quirky boutique store and a huge open public library featuring books in more than 10 languages.

Goa's Faraway Tree

An old British man reading The Guardian in a well-settled bamboo chair, and a European flonked onto the bench next to the cafe reading a German book handpicked from the library, Artjuna is a cafe where all sorts of nationalities collide. It’s a charming cafe that doubles up as a boutique store selling a dreamy collection, a cafe serving organic and vegetarian food and a bakery that whiffs out the sweetest-smell of freshly baked bread.

What We Love

This cafe has something for everyone. No, really. They organise movie screenings and yoga sessions. A true globe trotter’s lazing place, and a fantastic place for catching up on a quick brunch, you’ll find all kinds of people chilling here.

Though the menu is completely vegetarian, and we do think the food is slightly overrated, go here for their freshly brewed juices and oh-so-warm freshly baked bread in all kinds of sizes and shapes. They also serve their special home-made ice cream, and our favourite was the tender coconut – satiating our Goan summer vibe.

However, our favourite attraction of the place is the gorgeous, and tall-standing racks that is their public library. They have a wide range of books, and in at least ten languages from French, German, Hebrew to Italian and even Urdu {we found one tucked away in a corner}.

So, We're Saying...

The food may only appeal to a certain crowd of people, but the cafe is as charming as the outdoor cafes of England. This cafe also has a sprawling boutique towards its entrance, and is run by an Israeli. The clothes are absolutely gorgeous {slightly over priced}, amazing chunky junk jewellery and of course, a writer’s prized possession, leather bound books in different colours.

We spent an entire noon lazing around the cafe, and we suggest, you give it a try on your next trip to Goa.


They have a doggo lounging around the cafe as well, so a bonus for Artjuna being a pet-friendly cafe!