Jazz, Retro & EDM: 20 Places To Catch Live Music In Goa

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The one thing that Goa has always had is talented musicians and bands. We're also glad that live music is such a big part of the local culture. Bring these two together and it's a party you never want to leave. So, we went around and found the best bars and restaurants that have great live music in Goa on most days (if not every day). And, if you ask us, the best way to keep track of these gigs is to follow the venues on Instagram and be ready to make impromptu plans.


Cohiba has had some of Goa’s most popular live bands perform live music every day of the week. These gigs also go on till late into the night. With its open-air location, lively crowds and variety of drinks, it is a great place to sit back and watch the crowds whilst listening to some great music or join in the crowded dance floor. Their ladies’ nights every Wednesday and Retro Saturdays are hugely popular.

What to order: Pasta Arrabiata, Chicken Tikka, Butter Garlic Prawns

Timings: Sunday to Friday, 6 PM to 2 AM; Saturday, 6 PM to 4 AM


Whether your vibe is Jazzy weekends, soulful live melodies or you just want to chill with your squad, Saltamontes - Garden Cafe & Bar might be the perfect spot for you! A perfect co-working and co-living space, pinned in the heart of North Goa, Anjuna, it offers all from culinary delights, cocktails, live music sessions, workstations to blissful stays. The icing on the cake is their ‘Garden Concert Series’ with open mic and jam sessions to kick your work and weekend blues away. 

What to order: Creamy chicken pasta, Patatas Bravas, Creamy Avocado

Timings: Everyday, 7 AM to 3 AM


Ciaran's continues to be one of the liveliest spots to hangout on Palolem beach. Open all year round, they host live music nights pretty much every day (what a win). So, if you like your strawberry daiquiris and seafood with the side order of reggae or country, this is the bar to head to. Their gigs though, are mellow and groovy (think more jazz and blues) so if you're into electronic, you might want to skip.

What to order: Fried rice, Crepes, Rawa fried fish

Timings: Everyday, 8.30 AM to 11 PM

Guru Bar

Located on the beach in Anjuna, this has emerged as a popular location for live music over the years. They have live gigs every other day and a good way to keep track is to follow them on social media. The variety of genres is also pretty expansive with retro, Bollywood, Sufi, reggae, rock n' roll, blues and more. If you're someone who likes partying till late into the night, head on over. It's also one of the oldest bars around and a place that has witnessed real hippie culture make its way into The Sunshine State.

What to order: Prawns Masala, Chicken Pizza, Garlic Bread

Timings: Everyday, 9 AM to 11.45 PM

The Rice Mill

This is the only place on the list that's made it to the selection despite hosting but one gig a week. Why, you ask? Well, because of the love that goes into getting the best jazz musicians (both locals and long-stay foreign tourists) to perform every Thursday and Saturday. Ask anyone who's been here, and they will vouch for The Rice Mill's Saturday Night Jazz that brings the music-loving community together over drinks. See you next Saturday at 9 PM, then?

What to order: Choris Poi Goan Sausage, Vegan Smoothie Bowls, Butter Croissant

Timings: Wednesday to Monday, 9.30 AM to 11 PM


Another place that really takes live music seriously in Goa, is this cosy cafe called Hideaway in Vagator. Mostly buzzing on gig nights, they ensure that the focus never really shifts from the artist and every music lover has a great time. From Grammy-winning musicians to independent songwriters and singers, jazz bands, solo artists to electro and hip-hop duos, they've had musical talent from all across India and the world even come and perform live. The best thing to do to call dibs on the limited seating is to get yourself added to their broadcast group on WhatsApp so you know who's taking over the bar and who's handling the symphony.

What to order: Crispy Chicken Burger, Goan Sausages, Smoked Clams

Timings: Wednesday to Monday, 12 PM to 3.30 PM, 7 PM to 12.30 AM (closed on Tuesday) 

Mustard Cafe

After having moved close to Gunpowder in Assagao, Mustard has been enjoying quite a few totally packed band and bar nights. Their family-friendly vibe with scrumptious Bengali fare and some old-school live band performances means that they’re buzzing on the weekends. Post 8 PM, they usually have live gigs on Fridays and Saturdays and on Sundays, they treat a lot of hungry patrons to a hearty lunch thali and afternoon music. Of course, we totally insist that you reserve in advance for these days.

What to order: Special Non-Veg Thali, Onion Rings, Whiskey Ice Cream

Timings: Wednesday to Monday, 12 PM to 11 PM (closed on Tuesday)

Entry: INR 500

House Of Chapora

Any in-the-know tourist will have stories to share from this new, underground party central in Chapora. While the decor with all upcycled, scavenged knick-knacks and kooky vibe with wall murals and mismatched furniture are compelling by themselves, we suggest heading here on a gig night to truly soak in the essence of it. From disco, techno, funk to even mellow rock, the space keeps it interesting with its music programming. Just follow them like a hawk on social media to know all about the latest gigs. 

What to order: Chicken momo, Peri Peri Fries

Timings: Everyday, 7 PM to 6 AM

Entry: INR 1,500 onwards


This Panjim spot is a gastronomic and musical gem nestled in the heart of the city, established by the hoteliers behind the legendary Cafe Tato. Their delectable fusion of Goan and international cuisine is an unmissable treat, complemented by exquisite cocktails. This three-storey establishment boasts live music in the basement, which resonates throughout the building, creating an alluring atmosphere. Located near the iconic Panjim Church and Fontainhas, Petisco comes alive on weekends with vibrant tunes and lively performances.

What to order: Petisco Fried Chicken, Alsande Bean Taco, Flame Grilled Chicken

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday, 12 AM to 12.30 AM (closed on Monday) 


Everybody knows Cavala is one of the oldest places in Goa to hear great bands, and they have kept the tradition going. They have various well-known Goan bands performing mostly every night as well as occasionally bands visiting from Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. A huge bar, lots of open-air seating and a dance floor that is perpetually packed, all make this a must-visit place. On weekends is when it really comes to life with couples jiving and retro tunes filling the air.

What to order: Goan Chicken Curry, Potato Mushroom Xacuti, Prawn Masala Fry and Roast Beef Sandwich in Poi

Timings: Everyday, 8 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10.30 PM

Entry: INR 2,000 for men


Located in an old Goan house with a lovely balcony skirting the upper floor and live music on most days, Cantare may be away from the tourist hot spots but is still well loved. The name actually means to ‘to sing’ in Italian and they sure live up to it. A popular Jazz band plays on Monday and Friday, and they have rock and retro music playing on Thursday. Cantare is also open throughout the year and is a great spot for those living around Porvorim or even Baga-Candolim-Calangute when looking for a quiet time with some of the best live music in Goa.

What to order: Goan Beef Roast, Thai food, Garlic Poi

Timings: Everyday, 5.30 AM to 1 AM

Aal’s Kitchen

This outdoor restaurant by the Chapora jetty hosts some killer bands and musicians every week and sell out pretty quick on those nights. From Classic Rock nights with Electric Pulse to Folk and Blues, these seem to be their genres of choice, so if you’re looking for a groovy night with your pals with some good grilled grub and cold beer, we suggest keeping an eye out for Aal’s Kitchen’s live gigs.

What to order: Naga Pork, Beef, Black Rice

Timings: Thursday to Tuesday, 2.30 PM to 11 PM (closed on Wednesday) 

Down The Road

This Panjim restaurant in the capital city of Goa is a riverside haven for live music enthusiasts, boasting a laid-back atmosphere and old-school vibes. Renowned for its decent prices, Goan food, and cocktails, Down The Road hosts talented local artists in a vibrant setting. With a Mandovi bridge backdrop, the venue offers an extensive bar, inviting open-air seating, and a buzzing dance floor to groove on. Weekends at DTR are electrifying, as the sun sets and the sounds of eclectic tunes unite beachgoers.

What to order: Spring Rolls, Supreme Veg Pizza, Tower chicken burger

Timings: Everyday, 12 PM to 3 PM, 7 PM to 11 PM

Carlito's By The Sea

That one thing that sets Carlito’s apart from others is their location, which is just opposite the beach. The live gigs promise to keep you entertained through the evenings. A few evenings of handpicked artists attract lots of locals and tourists. Undoubtedly, the patrons would testify that this community space has some of the best live music in Goa. They have jam sessions every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

What to order: Chicken Thai Green Curry, Mango and Crispy Chicken, Chicken Xacuti

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday, 12 PM to 11 PM (closed on monday) 

La Selle

Get the authentic Goa feel at La Selle, where local music sets the vibe just right. They've had some awesome musicians grace their stage, all about building that community vibe. Kick off your weekends with their Friday live sessions for a good time. So, if you're up for some live tunes in South Goa, La Selle is the spot to be!

What to order: Mushroom on Toast, Chicken Parmigiana, Pineapple and Basil Mocktail

Timings: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 11 AM to 11 PM; Saturday and Sunday 9.30 AM to 11 PM (closed on Wednesday)

The Southern Deck

If you’re down South, around Benaulim, head over to The Southern Deck for cocktails and a groovy vibe with live music. A place that’s got a fun, family-and-friends kind of vibe going, this one is popular with the locals too. From Friday to Sunday, basically all of the weekend, they have artists coming in to play live from all over Goa that you don't want to miss.

What to order: Veg Pizza, Mushroom jackets and Prawn Malai

Timings: Wednesday to Monday, 12.30 PM to 1 AM (closed on Tuesday) 

Uncle Tim’s

If you fancy an evening home away from home but with live music, great food and yum drinks, head over to Uncle Tim’s. Tucked away in the quite neighbourhood behind Gautam Hotel in Porvorim, this one is truly a hidden gem. They mostly have acoustic artists coming in paired with great offers on drinks. Don’t miss the fun here.

What to order: Bacon-wrapped prawns, Peri Peri Wings, Bruschetta

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday, 7 PM to Midnight (closed on Monday)


This indoor restaurant in Panjim hosts some killer musicians every Saturday and sell out tables pretty quick on those nights. From old-school rock to party hits, they play it all. If you’re looking for a groovy night with your pals with some good grilled grub and cold beer, we suggest keeping an eye out for Gregg’s’s live gigs.

What to order: Beer Battered Prawns, Smoked Chicken Bruschetta

Timings: Everyday, 7 PM to 1 AM


When around Colva, there’s no chance you’ll walk by Southside on the weekend and not stop to look what the fuss is about. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday they get an acoustic band who brings this beachfront grill to life with amazing tunes. Don’t miss these while you’re on the southside.

What to order: Korean Fried Chicken, Turkish Bread

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday, 12 PM to 11 PM (closed on Monday) 


Assagao's new hot spot! This joint is winning hearts fast. Imagine a chill indoor setup that feels like your own living room, or kick back outdoors surrounded by lush green vibes. That with the killer live music over the weekends, especially on their laid-back Sunday Graze, is a total crowd pleaser!

What to order: Orange French Toast, Chimichurri Chicken, Portobello Steak

Timings: Wednesday to Monday, 1 PM to 1 AM (closed on Tuesday)