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Pretty Markets & Old Churches: Margao Is A Must For Your Next Goa Trip

    Margao, Goa

    What Is It?

    Goa may be your favourite party destination, but there’s a lot more to it than the usual tourist spots. Margao {or Madgaon} is the commercial and cultural capital of Goa, filled with locals, city-traffic, and many beautiful spots that are certainly worth a visit.

    Where Is It?

    Situated on the less commercial River Sal, Margao is the business hub of south Goa and definitely is culturally richer than its counterpart, North Goa. Margao being the administrative capital of south Goa, still holds the old world charm of the by-gone Portuguese era.

    What Do I See?

    The Margao residents pride themselves of being closer to the Portuguese lineage. The town in itself is lined with narrow bylanes named after important visionaries of the era. The city boasts of a major population of Catholics owing to the historical setup brought about through the Portuguese settlements in the 17th century.

    Being one of the more important cities in the Portuguese times, the foreign impact on the local culture, language and the architectural setup is far more evident than the other cities in the state.

    The architectural landscape of the city is defined by narrow lanes, open gardens, religious establishments and palatial mansions belonging to the elite residents of the city. Some of the town suburbs include Pajifond, Aquem, Gogol, Borda, Malbhat, Kharebandh, Old Market, Navelim and Comba, the last two being the oldest parts of the town and ones you should certainly swing by.

    Towering tall over Margao city is the famed Holy Family Church which stands in all glory in the heart of the city, as locals commute their way across town. Locals attend the customary Sunday mass rituals and many a number of weddings are administered at this church. A number of other famous churches such as the Grace Church, The St Sebastian Church in Aquem and the Monte Hill Chapel are within the vicinity of the Holy Family church.

    Owing to the geographical topography, Margao is an important junction for travelers visiting the state of Goa. The ever-busy Margao railway station at the far end of the city or the Kadamba bus stand at the beginning of the city form important landmarks to the visitors coming in to the state.

    How Do I Get There?

    If you’re taking the train to Goa, it will be easy because the station is at Margao. For those taking a flight, Margao is a 40-minute cab ride from the airport, and those coming by bus and getting off at Panjim, an hour-long cab ride will take you to this beautiful town. If you’re already staying in Goa, then hop on to you bike, take a map and get going because that, as you would know, is the simplest way to maneuver around Goa.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you want to soak in some Goan culture, then this time you head to Goa, make sure you pay a visit to its capital city and walk around its streets, markets and churches.

      Margao, Goa