Scenic Views At Dudhsagar Falls


Located on the Mandovi River, the four-tiered falls are a scenic sight to behold. Surrounded by a forest, these falls are particularly heavy in the monsoon.

Why Should I Go Here?

If you’ve taken a family trip and want to do something different, go and enjoy the tranquil sound of the waterfalls. Since it can only be accessed one-way, rent a taxi from Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary and travel through the lush forests. One of the tallest falls in India, sit and enjoy the sight of gushing water and the rich biodiversity surrounding the area.

Anything Else?

Head here only in the monsoons or you might not see the full strength of the waterfall. The cost of the taxis are usually based on groups of 4 and not per person, but tickets to see the waterfall can be purchased at INR 400-500.


Local guides may offer a tour which can be politely refused, as this is a quite a simple hike that involves 10-15 minutes of walking.