Everyone's Been Gushing About This Assagao Restaurant's 5-Course Meals

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What Makes It Awesome!

A five course dinner that almost made us swoon, Suzie’s is a beautiful new spot in Assagao that we cannot stop gushing about! While it can be a little tricky to find, it is definitely worth the trouble.

What makes it such a hit? Honestly, everything! From the quaint and inviting ambience they’ve created in the middle of an old Assagao lane, right down to the deliciously eclectic food and drink options, to the perfectly sized portions and the time between the courses, and ultimately, their delicious desserts, we could not have asked for better.

Set in the yard of an old Portugese house, the first thing you’ll notice about Suzie’s when you finally spot it — is the lights in the distance calling out to you. Hippy, a serial entrepreneur will invite you in, helping you park if you so need, to what is the labour of love of his and his partner, Suzie, the chef. The handwritten menu fits seamlessly in with the atmosphere of the place, announcing a platter of innovative options in veg and non-veg delicacies. The presentation of the food on bars of granite slabs fits right in with its stylistic yet unassuming ambience.

We could not get enough of the lychee lemon soda which comes in huge glasses, and as for the cocktails, they have the classics concocted with a slight twist, that will leave you wanting more. The vanilla and strawberry lemonade is quite the runway star. The chef, Suzy herself is a delightfully warm person and will help you pick your poison, while Hippy is the in-house bartender. The lentil soup is served with a tiny glass jar of lemon juice and a slightly bigger jar of fried okhra, which once added to the soup, bursts out with flavours. That alone should give you an idea of the treat you’re in for.

With a set dinner that comes with one special each day Suzie’s has an option for you to choose any three between a soup, and four varieties of veg and non-veg starters — the prawn tacos being our absolute favourite! Amidst the main course, the slow-cooked mutton with cous-cous was an absolute delight for the tastebuds. We're also rooting for the tofu/beef chimichurri and their divine mackerel in maple and mustard dressing. 

The place has only been open a month and they are already are our new favourite in Assagao. While they are planning to stay open through the monsoons, the seating will move indoors. And as if this could get any better, she also plans to switch up the menu every 6 weeks! Safe to say, you’ll find us here quite often.


Try going in a group — that way you’ll get to taste most of her dishes. Also remember, they don't allow walk-ins, so reserve a table beforehand.