Be A Part Of Ancient History & Soak In Beautiful Sea Views From Cabo De Rama Fort

Cabo De Rama Fort

Canacona, Goa


Located in Canacona, Cabo De Rama Fort is a rich slice of Indian heritage, nestled between two popular beaches in South Goa — Cavelossim and Agonda. In fact the fort derives its name from Ram, (of Ramayana), and local legends note that this is where Ram and Sita were holed up during their life in exile.

What Make It Awesome

Cabo De Rama, is a fort of much historical relevance to Goa. The legend of this being the seat of Ram and Sita in exile, comes down from the local Soonda rulers, who arrived from the neighboring Karnataka, just across Goa’s border and were the original builders of this fort. The fort however was taken over by the Portuguese rules in 1763 and what was Rama Kila became Cabo De Rama, under the Portuguese influence.

Visiting the fort, is like travelling back in time, being transported to a forgotten part of history. While most of the fort is now in ruins, it is still a historical and an engineering marvel — the bridge near the entrance, which was built more than 300-years-ago, stands strong even today. You’ll also see bastions where large cannons were placed to stop enemies advancing sea-ward. Look closely and you’ll be able to spot the year of manufacture on these solid iron cannons.

On the left is the serene St Antonio Church, where till date an annual feast is held and the local community gets together to offer their prayers and reminisce history. An unused jail lies just behind the chapel, and though the roof has caved in, here you’ll often run into scientists from the National Institute of Oceanography, who come here to use it for government observations.

Spend some time at the watch tower, just taking in how much of history the fort has witnessed. There are two ancient ponds below, and its speculated they go back to the heydays of the Soonda rulers. From the fort a small path leads to the sea from the left side. 

Cabo De Rama, is one of the largest forts in Goa, and offers some breath-taking views of the Arabian Sea and the coastline below. Spend some time here, watching the glorious sunset, reflecting upon a Goa, that is so far from its mainstream ideas touted by modern tourism. If nothing, you’ll come back a richer person, just in the experience of so much of history.


You may be surprised to find an occasional sighting of animals and birds like eagles, monkeys, and sometimes snakes too, so be careful.

Cabo De Rama Fort

Canacona, Goa