Bye Bye, Heavy Luggage! Hyderabad Airport Gets A Doorstep Baggage Transfer Facility

Sunaina posted on 21 September

Great For

Hyderabad airport is becoming the coolest as it's the first Indian city to introduce doorstep baggage transfer facility. Which means, no more tugging your heavy luggage and reach the airport hours in advance. This 'Passenger is Prime' programme is said to pick our baggage from our address (at a nominal charge), pack them in tamper-free sealable packs, which are also labeled for easy identification. And what's better, you ask? You can track these bags on your iOS or Android and web too, which makes it super convenient. With no bar on the kind of baggage, this programme is said to handle laptop bags, hand baggage, and handbags too. So, now, zoom past the security gates in no time, and while you're at it, you'll have more time to nail that #AirportLook on Instagram. Way to be! 

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