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Date Nights To Chill Lunches: Best Places To Eat At In Gandipet

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If you've been around in Hyderabad for more than six years, you know there was a time when we thought Gandipet was really far away! Students traveling to CBIT or MGIT were considered to be studying in great colleges that were tucked in the outskirts and if you bunk college, you've got nowhere to go. Honestly, that's not the case anymore. With lots of residential areas and resorts opening up in Gandipet and Kokapet, there are lots of places to hang out at. Here's a list of the best places to eat at in Gandipet. 

Cafe Sandwicho

Although the name says Cafe Sandwicho, the cafe whips a lot more than sandwiches. Tucked in a drive in, this cafe is quite spacious and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Prefer sitting in your car and eating? You can go for that too. Known for delicious Indo-Chinese dishes, this cafe is known for its Crispy Fried Noodles, Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Manchuria. If you're looking for something grander, go for kebabs platter. The Non Veg Platter comes with the best of chicken and mutton kebabs and it can be shared between three to four people.

Jewel Of Nizam - The Minar

This calls for a special occasion! Known for its sweeping panoramic views of Osman Sagar Lake, Jewel Of Nizam is located inside The Golkonda Resorts. Set atop a minar (hence the name), this regal restaurant is popular for its authentic Hyderabadi dishes and killer wine selection. We like that they recommend which wine goes well with a certain dish. When you're here, don't forget to try their Anokhi Kheer (onion kheer), Barkas Patthar Gosht, and of course, biryani. While you won't stop Instagram-ing any corner of this restaurant, just remember to savour in the magical views! 

The Fisherman's Wharf

The Fisherman's Wharf really doesn't need an introduction. Known for its seafood and elaborate Sunday Brunches, this restaurant has a slice of Goa. Done up in typical red and yellow walls, the architecture of the restaurant reminds you of Panjim houses, and when we say there's no dull moment here, we really mean it. Now that you cannot get to Goa, we recommend you get here for Prawn Balchao, Rawa Fried Kingfish and some Vindal'ho. Don't forget to end your meal with bebinca. Plus, there's lots of dranks for you to regale those good old Goan tales!

ORO Sports Village

When ORO Sports Village opened up, we were quite excited because where else could you eat, play, and drink? Home to happening gigs and games, while this place might have calmed down during the pandemic, the food is still top-notch. It's super spacious, ensuring social distancing and we can scan the menu to place an order. We've tried their Wild Mushroom Risotto and Penne Arrabbiata and walked straight into food coma. Plus, they do serve cocktails, desserts, and freshly baked bread — so do pair them with your meal.

Cafe Liant

Say hello to quirky wall art at Cafe Liant in Gandipet! Head here with your gang to chow down a fine spread of chicken wings, Fat Martini Veg Pizza (double cheese, hullo), and combos that include pizzas, burgers, and waffles. Great for finger food and coffee, this one is perfect for after-work catch-ups. While you're at it, don't forget to Instagram its interiors. 

The Fame Kitchen

Tucked inside Fire 44 Drive In, The Fame Kitchen is easily one of the best places to chill at, in this area. Two things you must eat: juicy burgers and chicken wings. We love this restaurant because it serves up goodness in the form of starters like Alu Bajji, garlic bread, Cut Mirchi, kebabs, etc. They do serve biryanis, pulaos too — so whatever your mood demands, remember they've got it all covered.

The Mist

Yet another restaurant inside Golkonda Resorts — The Mist is a poolside restaurant. Go here to grab a meal under the stars and chug down their specialty cocktails like Tequila Sunrise and Rusty Nail. The menu is quite vast — from continental to Thai, there's a wide range of dishes to tuck into. We recommend going here for a date night as the candle light dinners here are super romantic!